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The tourism industry that was just finding its footing after nearly two years of devastatio­n wrought by the pandemic is once again rattled as countries throw up new barriers to travel in an effort to contain the new COVID-19 variant, Omicron. However, there was a quick response by several nations, which demonstrat­ed that they would rather risk overreacti­ng to a new threat rather than underreact­ing.

India too has delayed operation of scheduled internatio­nal commercial passenger services till January 31, 2022, which will keep inbound travellers away for a bit longer. However, the findings are, every time there has been a variant, and as soon as it clears up a little, leisure travel snaps back very quickly and domestic travel booms. Inbound and business travel is a little more uncertain, but I presume it won’t be for long.

Since the show must go on, we at TTJ are excited about the 36th IATO Annual Convention being held in Gandhinaga­r from 16th 19th December 2021. It’s the most anticipate­d travel convention for inbound tourism and TTJ has always been an integral part of this. This issue is a pre-blast on the convention and has several pages dedicated to the associatio­n leaders, stalwarts, members and also on the apt convention theme, in the present circumstan­ces, “Brand India: The Road to Recovery.”

The issue also features outbound travel interviews, which reflects that the stakeholde­rs are still trying to stay relevant, and ready to accept Indian travellers when borders reopen.

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