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Key issues that IATO have requested MOT, GOI


• To remove the Rs 2 crore minimum cap from the MDA Scheme for Inbound and announce the revised MDA scheme for Inbound on the line of previous norms.

• As and when the situation further improves, Internatio­nal Road Shows need to be organised in target sources and emerging markets across the globe.

• FAM Trip for leading Foreign Tour Operators (FTO) from across the world in the near future so that India showcases to the world that India is ready for tourism.

• Dekho Apna Desh to be translated to major foreign languages and screened at tourist offices/ embassies abroad and hotels in India

• Linking of MoT Website with that of IATO.

• To appoint a nodal officer from the Ministry to help the foreign tourists in case of any exigency.

• Extension to the validity of MoT recognitio­n for the tour operators, till March 31, 2022, in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic.

• The Champion Sector Scheme should be applicable to Indian Inbound Tour Operators approved by the MoT, GoI, so that the tour operators can add value or give discounts on their package cost to their FTOs. This will encourage FTOs to utilise the services of ITO. In return, this will encourage more Indian Tour Operators to take the MoT recognitio­n and join the mainstream. This will also help fight the competitio­n from the neighbouri­ng countries and bring in more tourists to India.

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