Travel Trade Journal

Rajeev Kohli

Joint Managing Director, Creative Travel


To say one is disappoint­ed at today’s budget is a gross understate­ment. Horrified if more like it. It is clear that the value of tourism in the eyes of this government is even lower than that of umbrellas, which got its own special mention. The extension of the EGCL is a paper whitewash. Only those with existing debt could use the scheme, to begin with. And to make the industry take debt on debt is cruel. It does not reduce the cost as the interest clock is still clicking. The Modi government has yet again kicked an industry that is already on its knees. I am saddened for all of us in the larger tourism and hospitalit­y space. So many people tried their best to get something for us. So many representa­tions were made. But the truth is, we simply don’t matter.

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