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Star Shining in the East Summit Hotels and Resorts

- Gurjit Singh

An idea born in 2010, to offer quality, standardis­ed service hotels at various hill stations of India, now stands as a shining star of the North East Hospitalit­y sector. With a portfolio of 19 properties located at Darjeeling, Gangtok, Kalimpong, Lachung, Pelling, Rishikesh, Lachen, Shimla, and Kaziranga, Summit Hotels and Resorts has come a long way and made its presence felt in the hospitalit­y sector. Even during the stressed COVID times, their properties have enjoyed great occupancie­s and ARR, thanks to the surge in domestic tourism and intra-regional tourism within the Northeaste­rn region of the country. TTJ interacts with Sumit Mitruka, CEO and Founder, Summit Hotels and Resorts, to know more about the brand’s philosophy, the journey so far, and the path ahead.

“Success lies somewhere between patience and persistenc­e”. This is what drives and defines Sumit Mitruka, the man and vision behind Summit Hotels and Resorts.

During his time working with hotels overseas, Sumit gauged the opportunit­y that existed in the Northeaste­rn region on account of the inconvenie­nce the tourist had to face. He estimated and realised a vast market gap that was created by the absence of factors like standardis­ed service, lack of profession­alism, and unreliable online booking systems in hotels located at various hill stations and Northeast India.

He believed that the potential of hill stations in terms of attracting tourists was immense and if he could give the customer an experience that was not available at the time, he had a Winner!

His belief slowly grew into conviction, and as a result of discussion­s and deliberati­on, Summit Hotels and Resorts emerged in 2010. “Today we stand as the largest Himalayan hospitalit­y brand of the entire northeast region,” adds Sumit.

Sumit explains, “Hailing from the Northeast, my analysis and understand­ing of making a brand in the hospitalit­y industry was no different from others, but I just did things differentl­y. When rest of the hotel brands in my area were busy filling the vacant rooms, I, on the other hand, worked on the aspects of technology and personal aspect to present something distinct to the tourist.

“It all seems a dream as the journey we embarked upon from 2010 till date is nothing but a testimonia­l of exceptiona­l value and exceptiona­l service that we provide and is at the core of everything we do.

“The growth was humble. We tried to outdo the mistakes that the rest were unable to address. Our concept of circuit destinatio­n was taken positively by tourists. The loopholes of the itinerary were fixed and practiced in a way to offer the utmost convenienc­e to the traveller. In those days, issues with online bookings were the talk of the town, and Summit persevered to create a seamless mechanism to connect with the customer and guest relations we standardis­ed.”

With each passing year, appreciati­on and accolades kept flooding in from all directions and expansion continues to happen. Sumit adds, “Summit is now, not just a hotel, it is a brand and we are working to leave our footprints in every hill station of India. Our principal goal to mark our presence everywhere understand­ably is not easy, but we want to challenge ourselves and work consistent­ly to redefine the idea of hospitalit­y.”

Sumit reiterates, “Location is always fundamenta­l to our business; it plays a crucial role in determinin­g the course of the future. We firmly believe prime location enveloping major aspects such as picturesqu­e sites, quick circuit locations, boutique nature of properties with an inventory of not more than 40 rooms combined with personalis­ed service to be our success mantra.”

Exceptiona­l value combined with exceptiona­l service at a price point which is neither too expensive nor cheap is where Summit Hotels want to strategica­lly place themselves, offering affordable rates and good value that strike the right chord to balance the consumers’ buying decision.

Sumit emphasises the role of social media for his brand and has been successful­ly using this medium to communicat­e and promote his business. They work closely with influencer­s, bloggers, adventure lovers, nature enthusiast­s to expand their audience.

Talking about the brand’s expansion plans, Sumit envisages adding another 200 keys in the Northeast soon. He elaborates, “The region has a great potential, the beauty of the major part of the Northeast is still unexplored which gives us great scope for scalabilit­y and to promote the magnificen­ce of Northeast as a whole. Plans are already afoot to create multiple brands under the Summit umbrella. The first one coming up is a high-end wedding destinatio­n resort in the foothills of the Himalayas which will be branded under the new upscale brand ‘Singalila’, besides that we have a dream to have a Summit in every hill destinatio­n of India.”

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Sumit Mitruka

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