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France scraps negative COVID-19 test for fully vaccinated travellers


The French government on February 11, 2022, said it would scrap the requiremen­t for a negative COVID-19 test for all vaccinated travellers arriving in the country. Proof of vaccinatio­n will be sufficient to travel to France whatever country you are coming from, just as it was before the spread of the Omicron variant.

The move coincided, the statement said, with “the new phase of the pandemic characteri­sed in most countries by the predominan­ce of the Omicron variant and higher vaccinatio­n rates”.

Unvaccinat­ed travellers would still have to show a negative test, but other measures such as testing on arrival and quarantine would be removed if coming from a “green list” country, the statement added.

Those without jabs coming from France’s “orange list” countries, however, would continue to need an essential reason to travel to France and to take a test after arriving.

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