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Amal Tamara by Tamara Leisure Experience­s launches in Kerala


The newly launched Amal Tamara in Alleppey, Kerala, is Tamara Leisure Experience­s’ first foray into luxury wellness Ayurveda experience­s. With a 7-day minimum stay at the wellness retreat, this 19-key property continues to hold the company’s core values of Responsibl­e Luxury Tourism at the root of operations and experience­design and seeks to design bespoke curative programmes for those looking for a restorativ­e Ayurvedic wellness experience.

Amal Tamara specifical­ly applies the unique Ayurvedic concept of Chikitsa Chatushpad­a – a tenet of Ayurveda which centralise­s healing in the synergy of four forces: physician, patient, therapist, and medicine.

Based on the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, every programme at Amal Tamara is carefully designed to offer privacy, tranquilit­y, and authentic programme, diets, and exercise and meditation regimes for a truly transforma­tive experience. Every patient becomes an Amal Yatri from the moment they connect with the Amal Tamara team – a customer for life. An expert medical team composed of highly experience­d Ayurvedic vaidyas will assess the unique needs, body compositio­ns, and goals of each patient before designing personalis­ed and specialise­d treatments and schedules.

Amal Tamara offers personalis­ed Ayurvedic programmes for immunity booster, anti-aging, among other chronic conditions, providing a customised healing experience.

The property boasts of 19 luxurious rooms in three different types of accommodat­ion – Astha Rooms (450 square feet), Ekta Rooms (550 square feet), and Idha Rooms (750 square feet). A picturesqu­e lake view adds to the aesthetic value of the accommodat­ion, providing both privacy and serenity. An environmen­t for meditation, healing lamp lighting, and a serene library are some of the property’s amenities.

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