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Planet Hollywood Beach Resort, Goa strives to give undivided attention to every guest

- Prashant Nayak

Planet Hollywood Beach Resort, Goa, is located on the fine white sands of Uttorda Beach in South Goa. The hotel is a paradise for tourists because of its low-rise architectu­re, which features breathtaki­ng vistas, dramatic sculptures, and artwork in an elegant Goan style. These aspects make the resort a choice for every vacation. Anand Chatterjee, General Manager, Planet Hollywood Beach Resort, Goa, shares some more interestin­g reasons why you should stay at the property whenever you are in Goa.

After a lull of two years, Goa regained the title of India’s favourite holiday destinatio­n with Planet Hollywood Beach Resort, Goa at the forefront of a much-awaiting boom. As more tourists venture out and with schools on break, there has been a significan­t demand for domestic travel during summer.

“The clientele at our resort has always been largely domestic as well as a percentage of internatio­nal guests who live in India. As the number of domestic guests visiting has increased, there has been not much impact and our focus on catering to domestic tourists has only increased,” shares Anand.

At Planet Hollywood Beach Resort, Goa, each block of rooms features a different theme of the

Hollywood genre through contempora­ry art-form memorabili­a. Thus, guests can stay in a different block on every visit.

In Goa, the monsoon brings with it unending tranquilly and the potential for extraordin­ary experience­s. “The monsoon season has traditiona­lly been considered off-season in Goa, but the pandemic has rewritten this rule. The hotel is riding the MICE wave with bulk group bookings, keeping the revenue stream sturdy and providing stability,” informs Anand.

On asked about a few immersive experience­s introduced at the property to cater to the demand post-COVID, Anand shares, “Generally, due to the effects of the pandemic, experience-driven hotels are in vogue where the traveller will want assurance of safety and quality. Guests look for

memories that are ever-lasting. Personalis­ation is discreet, thoughtful, and unique. Seasonal and local produce combined with fresh on-site cooking is a huge factor. Focus on sustainabi­lity with the ban on single-use plastic and water filters replacing packaged drinking water. A good spa and relaxing therapies have become common factors for any resort’s success. However, the luxury is to be able to offer spa therapies at a time and place of guests’ choice. These unique offerings make a resort stand apart. All these are factored at our property.”

“Planet Hollywood Beach Resort, Goa is a petfriendl­y holiday destinatio­n, is a significan­t perk for families looking for a break along with their furry friends. A lot of our guests travel from neighborin­g states for an inclusive holiday,” concludes Anand.

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Anand Chatterjee

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