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The OBLU SELECT Lobigili Island Chiefs and Island Hostess Reflecting the he(art) of Maldivian hospitalit­y


Maldivians are very friendly and highly spiritual and dedicated. They have great respect for each other and the guests. They are very warm and welcoming, and the culture of the Maldivian people reflects a blend of tradition and modernity.

In Maldivian culture, each island has a leader who is the Island Chief. The Chief looks after the island and cares for its resources. An Island Chief can be a great leader, but all the leaders cannot be an Island Chief. As a great leader, the Chief must strongly believe in process-driven results, possess a clear vision, be courageous, and have integrity, honesty, humility, and focus. And of course, he should be a strategic planner and believes in teamwork. Further, each island also has a women’s committee, which plays an important role in extending hospitalit­y to important visitors from the government and foreign delegates. They organise warm welcomes, dining experience­s, accommodat­ion plans, and farewell ceremonies.

Similarly, Atmosphere Hotels and Resorts have the same Island Chief or Island Hostess concept at their properties. These people are first in line to provide guests a tranquil, unforgetta­ble, and valuable experience­s that will last for a lifetime. Its motto is to provide prompt, efficient, and responsive service to all resort guests to achieve a high level of guest satisfacti­on. Being the first in line to contact the guests, the Island Chief or Hostess creates a memorable first impression and projects a favorable image of the resort at all times. The philosophy of this concept is to exceed guests’ holiday expectatio­ns and have a relaxing, enjoyable, memorable holiday, no matter who they are or where they come from.

The Island Hostess is at the heart of this amazing concept. She looks after the guests during their entire stay from arrival to departure. She is available for the guests whenever they need her, and she curates’ services for them as per their liking. An Island Hostess has the very delicate and vital task of providing a courteous, profession­al, efficient, and flexible service consistent with OBLU SELECT Lobigili Standards Policies and Procedures to maximise guest satisfacti­on.

Get to know the Island Chiefs and Island Hostesses of OBLU SELECT Lobigili.

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