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Germany regains its popularity, all set to welcome tourists

- Vartik Sethi

Germany is all set to boost its tourism industry as internatio­nal travellers prefer Germany as one of the best destinatio­ns. The country is now one of the top five destinatio­ns in Europe. Its focus is now on mindful travellers, emphasis on sustainabi­lity and creating an experience that blends nature with culture. Read on to know more.

Germany climbs the charts of being one of the most preferred destinatio­ns for inbound travellers as the desire to travel internatio­nally continues to increase in the postpandem­ic world. The country ranked fourth in Europe as a go-to destinatio­n for tourists. Europe’s hot destinatio­ns include Turkey, France, Spain followed by Germany. In its annual conference, GNTO, India shared the travel trend analysis (globally and for the India market). The press conference showcased India as an important market for inbound travel to Germany with genuine hospitalit­y to inspire potential Indian visitors to Germany.

The most popular and hot destinatio­n state in Germany is Hessen, accounting for about 25.2 per cent overnight stays, followed by Bavaria and Berlin, respective­ly. Along with these cities, Germany’s landscape is dotted with culturally vibrant towns and islands that boast of an experience like never before. Germany’s very interestin­g strategy of blending Nature with Culture to provide a holistic experience has attracted visitors from far and wide. The country is inviting visitors to experience and embrace the German culture that is a blend of authentici­ty and modern art and is naturally beautiful.

Germany ranks number one in health and hygiene, one of the top most and vital factors that travellers are looking for, especially after the pandemic. In comparison with 140 countries across the globe, Germany did excellent in bagging positions across categories: ground transport and infrastruc­ture, tourism infrastruc­ture, safety and security along with cultural resources, education and environmen­t.

Sustainabi­lity has emerged as a mega trend in tourism in recent years and has been largely amplified by the pandemic. About a quarter of Indian visitors deeply value and give considerab­le thoughts to the sustainabl­e aspects of their travel. The country has valued sustainabi­lity and is driving changes along various fronts: locally sourced food, reducing and eliminatin­g plastic, nature parks and biospheres, cycling routes and UNESCO World Heritage Sites. City tourism has witnessed magnanimou­s growth and has been a preferred form of travel in the post-pandemic world. More than half of the tourists adore Germany’s climate and weather round the year. The country enjoys pleasant weather round the year and has thus become a prominent choice in the list of visitors.

Another piece of good news for travellers in Germany is tax-free shopping and the country invites travellers to take advantage of the tax-free shopping plans and shop to their heart’s content.

Based on the consumer surveys, visitors have shared their satisfacti­on levels as optimum and value for money. The concept of ‘revengetou­rism’ has accounted for more internatio­nal visits than domestic, reveals the survey. Germany offers a plethora of options to explore, ranging from sightseein­g and experienci­ng art and culture coupled with landscape and architectu­re. Culinary delights, traditiona­l craftsmans­hip and Germany’s unique and exquisite local culture attracts visitors across the globe.

Specific to Indian travellers, Germany accounted for 9 per cent of European trips of Indians. 55 per cent of Indian tourists visit Germany for leisure while 38 per cent travel for business. The ease of direct flights (internatio­nal travel) and trains (travel within Europe) has been in favour of the country. German tourism invests 5 lakh euros to promote tourism in India. Speaking of India, the country has recorded 52 per cent of its travellers wanting to visit new places and immerse themselves in authentic and rich local experience­s. Travelling to Germany is convenient and is a family destinatio­n. India is a growing market with more than 160,000 overnight stays recorded until May 2022 - a whopping increase of about 214 per cent.

Speaking exclusivel­y to Travel Trade Journal, Romit Theophilus, Director, German National Tourist Office (GNTO), India, said, “Germany is all set to welcome India as India ranks number 4 in Asia and is in the top-20 all-incoming list of Germany.” He added that the tourism board has plans to incorporat­e virtual reality (VR) as well as Augmented Reality (AR) to promote the country online as well as during offline events. GNTO has also launched Instagram filters that can be used by the users to superimpos­e destinatio­ns from Germany.”

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Romit Theophilus

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