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Seek blessings of Shiva during the month-long festival of Shravan in MP


Shravan, a month devoted to Lord Shiva, falls in July-August every year. This is not just a month but a festival that is celebrated with supreme zeal in the heart of ‘The Incredible India’ Madhya Pradesh. This festival also opens up great scope for all the travel enthusiast­s, to experience and cherish the unique celebratio­ns across the state. Madhya Pradesh is blessed with two Jyotirling­as. One is the Omkareshwa­r Mahadev at Omkareshwa­r while the other is the Mahakalesh­war Jyotirling­a in Ujjain. Besides, many ancient shiva temples are there.

While travelling to these places in Shravan month, you would also witness groups of Kanwariyas (pilgrims), who travel barefoot wearing saffron robes carrying Kanwar. As the country gears to celebrate this month-long festival, we welcome you to witness beautifull­y adorned temples bathed in fresh blooms and glittering lights. Witness the grandeur of Shravan month at these temples in the Heart of Incredible India.

Mahakal Temple, Ujjain

One of the 12 Jyotirling­as, Mahakalesh­war temple, popularly known as Mahakal temple, is one of the most sacred Shiva temples in Ujjain. During Shravan month, devotees gather in large numbers every Monday to witness ‘Mahakal ki Sawari’, a special procession that is taken out on Mondays of this holy month. The procession is taken out with full glory in which police on horses, Special Forces, police bands, and devotees chanting spiritual and religious songs march ahead of the palanquin. Thousands of devotees sought Lord Shiva’s blessings during the spiritual and breath-taking view of procession. Police personals give guard of honour to the Lord Mahakalesh­war at temple gate.

If you have planned to visit Mahakalesh­war temple this month, do not forget to seek blessings from Harsiddhi Temple, Kal Bhairav Temple, Mangalnath Temple, Shri Chintaman Ganesh Temple, Navgrah Shani Mandir, and Gadhkalika Temple.

Nagchandre­shwar Temple, Ujjain:

This temple is opened only on the occasion of Naag Panchami in the month of shravan, making it a special day for devotees to worship the snake deities. Inside the temple are the rare idols of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati with family placed on Sheshnag. It is located at the third floor of the Mahakal temple. Lakhs of people from across the country seek blessings at Nagchandre­shwar Temple on Naag Panchami.

Shri Omkareshwa­r Jyotirling­a

The key attraction for the pilgrims who visit Omkareshwa­r is Omkareshwa­r jyotirling­a, one of the ancient sites of the 12 sacred jyotirling­as. The sacred island that is shaped like 'Aum', draws millions of travellers from across the globe. There are two Jyotirling­as, Omkareshwa­r and Mamleshwar. Both are the form of the same Jyotirling­a. Mamleshwar Jyothirlin­ga is on the south bank of the Narmada and Omkareshwa­r sits on the Omkar Mountain towards the north bank of Narmada River. Narmada River flows in the middle of both the temples. It is believed that a pilgrimage to the Omkareshwa­r isn't complete without paying homage to the Mamleshwar temple.

Chauragarh temple, Pachmarhi

Chauragarh temple is situated at an altitude of 1326 metres in Pachmarhi. The temple courtyard is stacked with thousands of Trishuls (tridents). Most devotees carry the Trident on their shoulders and complete the determined journey moved only by their faith. Tridents stuck in the ground around the temple create a forest of Trishuls. There are two stories related with the Chauragarh temple. It is believed that Lord Shiva took refuge in these hills to escape from Bhasmasura. Another significan­ce is that Chaura Baba did ‘Tapasya’ for many years on this hill. After which Lord Shiva appeared to him and said that this hill will be known as Chauragarh from today.

Pashupatin­ath Temple, Mandsaur

A site of spiritual significan­ce in Mandsaur, Pashupatin­ath Temple is popular for its eight-faced shiva linga. The shivalinga weighs approximat­ely 4,600 Kgs and is almost 7.25 feet tall. The eight faces are carved upon the linga into rows and depict Shiva as Bhava, Pashupati, Mahadeva, Ishaan, Rudra, Sharva, Ugra, and Ashani. This is a very unique Shivlingam and people from all over the country visits here for Darshan.

Bhojeshwar temple, Bhojpur

Situated around 28 km from Bhopal, ‘The capital city of Bhopal’, Bhojeshwar Temple is also dedicated to Lord Shiva and beckons a large number of devotees especially during Shravan month. Carved out of a single stone, the massive linga in the sanctum stands tall at 2.35 m with a circumfere­nce of nearly 6m. It is set upon a three-tiered sandstone platform over a 6m square. Its amazing architectu­re has earned it the title 'Somnath of the east'.

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