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Unlock the elements of surprises at Moksha Himalaya Spa Resort

- Sonika Bohra

Moksha Himalaya Spa Resort, located in the Shivalik ranges, is a luxury wellness resort with state-ofthe-art facilities dedicated to the enrichment of physical, and spiritual health, beauty, and well-being. Akash Garg, Chairman and Managing Director, Asia Resorts, shares his company’s background and the contributi­ng factors that make the resort stand out from others in the blissful Himalayas.

How has Asia Resorts evolved in the hospitalit­y business over the years?

Our journey began on December 22, 1982, when my father, the Late R.K. Garg, one of the pioneers in the tourism industry, launched Timber Trail, the first resort on the highway to Shimla. It was a time when this entire region was a part of the industrial circuit, with Baddi and Parwanoo being the manufactur­ing hubs. However, our family saw an opportunit­y to offer a unique tourism experience to visitors in the region.

We were the first hotel in India to introduce cable car service, which we consider to be one of our proudest achievemen­ts. Over the years, we continued to expand our offerings, launching Timber Trail Heights in April 1988, followed by Moksha in 2009, and finally Terraces in December 2014.

Please elaborate on the wellness philosophy that Moksha Himalaya Spa Resort follows.

We believe that wellness is not just about physical health but also encompasse­s mental and emotional well-being. Our philosophy is based on the principles of Ayurveda, which aims to balance the body, mind, and soul to promote overall health and harmony. We have a 70,000 sq. ft. spa, making it one of the largest in India. Our spa facilities include a full-sized ‘Hammam and the resort gas temperatur­e-controlled infinity pool with a stunning view of the valley, and hot Jacuzzis.

We offer a wide range of wellness activities, including yoga, meditation, and nature walks, which are designed to help guests connect with their inner selves and find peace in the midst of a busy lifestyle. Our culinary team also creates healthy and nourishing cuisine, with a focus on locally sourced, organic ingredient­s that promote good health.

Moksha is also a popular wedding destinatio­n. Could you tell us about your strengths in catering to the wedding segment?

We understand that a wedding is one of the most special events in one’s life. Our experience­d team works closely with the couple and their families to ensure that every detail is planned and executed flawlessly, from decor to entertainm­ent and more. We offer several stunning locations for the wedding ceremony and reception, including the lush green lawns, the open-air amphitheat­er, and the poolside area with stunning views of the valley. We also have indoor banquet halls that can accommodat­e a large number of guests.

At our resort, the culinary team of experience­d chefs offers a range of cuisine options, including local Himachali, Indian, and internatio­nal delicacies. And, with the perfect weather throughout the year, guests can enjoy the breathtaki­ng views and beautiful surroundin­gs during their stay.

One of the unique features of our resort is the arrival of all guests through a cable car, which adds an element of charm and exclusivit­y to the event. With over 140 rooms available for approximat­ely 300 guests, we can accommodat­e a sizable wedding group while also ensuring comfort and privacy. Additional­ly, we can combine our facilities with other properties too.

We heard about the upgradatio­n and addition plans at the resort. How will it contribute to the overall guest experience?

At Moksha Himalaya Spa Resort, we are committed to providing our guests with an exceptiona­l experience. That’s why we have some exciting expansion plans in the works. We’re focusing on upgrading our rooms with luxurious amenities and offering a more comprehens­ive wellness experience with Ayurvedicc­entric offerings. We want to ensure that our guests have a truly restful and rejuvenati­ng stay, which is why we provide 10-inch snoozer mattresses, high-quality bed linen and towels, and 100 per cent down feather pillows.

But that’s not all! We’re also thrilled to announce the launch of our new restaurant, Pines and Cones. This unique mountain café-inspired eatery offers a diverse menu of family-friendly food and stunning hill views. We believe that the addition of Pines and Cones will provide a memorable dining experience for our guests and attract a wider audience to our beautiful property. We are dedicated to continuous­ly improving the guest experience, and these expansion plans are just one way we’re doing that. We want to provide our guests with the best possible stay, and we believe that these upgrades and additions will help us achieve that goal.

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