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Curated tours for new-age travellers at Vedic Village

- Swaati Chaudhury

Social media marketing has emerged as the buzzword in today’s business scenario and hospitalit­y groups need to provide a robust value propositio­n that will make them connect with travellers from anywhere in the world. Rajib Roy Choudhury, Senior General Manager, Vedic Village Spa Resort discusses the current developmen­tal trends and challenges in the hospitalit­y industry and also touches upon the preference­s of each generation of today’s travellers that need to be taken care of.

After a two-year slump, the hospitalit­y industry in India is back in the reckoning and is making the most of the post-pandemic opportunit­y. Luxury hospitalit­y groups have been trying to woo travellers ever since inception. According to Rajib Roy Choudhury, “It is assumed that nearly 4.62 billion populace across the world makes use of social media channels. Engaging with the right audience, posting content during peak hours, leveraging influencer marketing, investing in paid advertoria­ls, storytelli­ng in our content and adopting social listening can help us to capture the social media-savvy audience. Video marketing is the most convenient way to promote the property, amenities and services on offer, without the need to travel to the property. Creating video tours of the hotel rooms, highlighti­ng the brand history, showcasing food and beverage options, providing info on local attraction­s and sharing behind-the-scenes footage are some of the surefire ways to target desired travellers. Our luxury resort has taken the cue to share videos on popular social media handles like Instagram Reels and YouTube shorts. To receive more number of views, we add snippets of the videos, textual content and use the right hashtag.” The hospitalit­y group has also added Google Trends as part of Social Media Marketing in order to analyse data that enables the group to compare the frequency of search terms compared to other similar keywords.

Roy Choudhury stated, “Artificial Intelligen­ce is an effective technology that can boost the digital transforma­tion of hospitalit­y businesses with the promise of a smart future. It is Artificial Intelligen­ce that is bringing a turnaround in customer experience and streamlini­ng operations. Our property provides a Chat Bot facility through its website that offers instant and seamless solutions to the queries of travellers.”

The preference­s of each generation of travellers vary with age and hospitalit­y players are bent upon customisin­g their services to cater to their preference­s. Roy Choudhury said, “Around 60 per cent of Indian tourists have not taken up leisure travel longer than four nights and nearly 72 per cent of Gen Y have opted for one micro-cation in the past couple of years. At the same time, about 69 per cent of Gen X and 60 per cent of baby boomers have gone for micro-cations. With a view to recharge the batteries of travellers within a short period without burning a hole in their pockets, we have rolled out short-term deals in the form of micro-cations including Summer Escapade, Experience by Vedic and Uttara Darshan. Buddymoon has become prevalent with high-end destinatio­n weddings that are giving way to friends who join couples on their honeymoon. We have workation packages for business travellers called Bleisure Travel that blends business along with leisure travel. We offer holiday deals closer to home for those expecting their little ones. The concept of social travel has caught up with Gen Y and Gen Z and cashing in on the trend, our property has yoga retreats where travellers can plan an excursion with their friends.”

Besides, trip stacking is another travel trend that has caught up with Gen Z and millennial­s that enables them to book a number of trips with free refunding and prevents travellers from the risk of cancellati­on. Roy Choudhury further said, “Apart from Vedic Wellness Ayurveda and Naturopath­y, we have devised spiritual travel that blends pilgrimage with a holiday.”

With an aim to maintain optimum room is to staff ratio and to ensure service efficiency, an organisati­on needs to perform horizontal­ly as well as vertically with an experience­d, trained and sound quality workforce. Roy Choudhury added, “We emphasise on certain criteria including customer satisfacti­on, bundled and unbundled services, zero guest complaints and high customer retention that place the organisati­on on a better performanc­e curve. There are training programmes to empower employees in order to drive the guest experience. Creating a positive work culture that values and rewards employees for their efforts is essential since it contribute­s to motivating them to deliver high-quality service. Online travel agents have an annual share of 27 per cent. However, direct booking channels are most profitable.”

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▲ Rajib Roy Choudhury

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