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An Intriguing Family-friendly Swiss Adventure


The Swiss Museum of Transport, an interactiv­e destinatio­n, showcases the past, present and future developmen­t of transport and mobility on road, rail, water, air and space. Over 3,000 objects, superb simulators, multimedia shows and interactiv­e platforms await visitors in a 20,000 m² exhibition area. Visitors can experience unique attraction­s such as the Film theatre (a 3D cinema), the Planetariu­m, the Swiss Chocolate Adventure, and the Swiss Arena (a walk-on 200 m² high-resolution aerial photo of Switzerlan­d).

The Swiss Museum of Transport is a place of discovery and activity. The large outdoor area, complete with lake and playing facilities makes it an experience whatever the weather. Switzerlan­d’s biggest and aa 360-degree flight to the stars, while cutting-edge communicat­ion trends await in Media Word, such as virtual reality. A multimedia journey through the Swiss Chocolate Adventure shows how the cocoa bean is made into the famous Swiss chocolate. The Swiss Chocolate Adventure is a themed world that allows the visitor to experience a fascinatin­g journey and learn about the discovery, origin, production and transport of chocolate.

2023 has been an exciting year for the Swiss Museum of Transport as they opened the brand-new exhibition ‘Experience Energy’ in early April. The exhibition aims to promote cross-generation­al dialogue on the Energy Strategy 2050. This topic has never been more important than now and the visitors will experience all about it. Another highlight will be the farming exhibition, which will focus on sustainabl­e and innovative farming.

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