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The uber-lux­u­ri­ous and and stun­ning stun­ning Ch ate au Ch ate au de de Chan­tilly Chan­tilly was was noth­ing noth­ing less less than than a won­der a won­der when when we we drove to­wards drove to­wards this ma­jes­tic this ma­jes­tic struc­ture. struc­ture. It com­prises In fact, we two should sep­a­rate call build­ings—it struc­tures, the as Pet it it com­prises Château two built for Anne de sep­a­rate Mont­morency build­ings—in 1560 the and Pet it the Château Grand built Château for Anne re­built de in Mon tm or ency the 1870s. Sur­rounded in 1560 and by the beau­ti­ful Grand ex­pan­sive gar­dens, Château this re­built Chat e au in the is 1870s a sight after to be­hold. be­ing com­pletely The cas­tle is de­stroyed also home dur­ing to a marvel lou st he French mu­seum—Rev­o­lu­tion. Musée Condé named Sur­rounded after by its beau­ti­ful owner Grand ex­pan­sive Condé, gar­dens, cousin of this Henri Ch ate au II. Hous­ing is a sight the to per­sonal be­hold col­lec­tion and a pop­u­lar of Grand spot Condé, the mu­seum for cou­ples is con­sid­ered to get their to photo shoot be one of the done. most The cel­e­brated ch ate au art or gal­leries cas­tle is in also France home with to art a marvel lo us pieces and sculp­tures from mu­seum—fa­mous Musée artists Condé in­clud­ing named Raphael, after its Bot­ti­celli owner Grand and even Condé, Pie­ro­cou sin di Cosimo. of Henri Just II. be­side Hous­ing the the per­sonal Ch ate au col­lec­tion are the of grand Grand s ta­bles, Condé, as the Chan­tilly mu­seum is is home con­sid­ered to a big to eques­trian be one of in­dus­try. the most The cel­e­brated gar­dens art gal­leries at the in cas­tle France and with the arts ta­bles pieces played and sculp­tures host to an from In­dian fa­mous wed­ding artists for the of the first time time in­clud­ing last Raphael, year. Stay Bot­ti­celli right and next even to the Piero cas­tle di Cosimo. at the Au­berge The trip du to J eu mu­seum de P au me, was a worth­while Rel a is& Ch ate au be­cause of the 5- knowl­edge­able star prop­erty guide, for an ex­tra­or­di­nary who shared lovely lux­ury anec­dotes ex­pe­ri­ence. and in­stances in ex­plain in

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