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Rising against the odds

It is encouragin­g to see women leaders taking up challenges and growing profession­ally and financiall­y in tourism industry, says Monia Kapoor, Executive Committee Member, OTOAI.

- Janice Alyosius

In recent years, we have seen a steep rise in women leadership in the tourism industry, be it managing a travel company or working in various other tourism fields. “It is encouragin­g to see more and more women are taking up challengin­g in field jobs, such as a tour facilitato­r and heading company sales. This surely opens up the possibilit­y of women’s empowermen­t since it gives them responsibi­lity to use their skills to manage multiple tourism ancillarie­s and at the same time engage equally with men on a profession­al level. Tourism is a rapidly growing industry and today’s women are confident and competent enough to conquer more spaces in it,” shared

Monia Kapoor, Executive Committee Member, OTOAI and CEO, Travel O Holidays.

Speaking of challenges and achievemen­ts, Monia felt that profession­ally women still face a number of challenges, including unequal or biased opportunit­ies for promotion and training. “Multitaski­ng becomes crucial for them to balance their work and personal obligation­s. Many women find it difficult to accept qualifying promotions due to the dynamics of working in the tourism industry, such as long working hours and working during

the holiday season. At the same time, we can see more women overcoming these challenges, resulting in their profession­al and financial growth,” she said.

“The advancemen­t of technology has been especially beneficial, giving women the ease of working from home. Women are being offered decision-making positions and equal opportunit­ies for training. We need to sensitise more organisati­ons and entreprene­urs to work towards making their working environmen­t more flexible and safer for women,” she suggested.

Speaking of how the tourism industry could promote equal opportunit­ies for women, she said, “The last few years have seen many companies and entreprene­urs taking initiative­s to promote equal opportunit­ies for men and women in their companies. The focus should be on giving an opportunit­y to the deserving candidate, be it a man or a woman and creating an unbiased, secure environmen­t at work place for all.”

We need to sensitise more organisati­ons to work towards making working environmen­t more flexible and safer for women

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Monia Kapoor Executive Committee Member OTOAI
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