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Opening of internatio­nal commercial flights will give tour operators time to plan for the coming season, which will start from October. Indian Associatio­n of Tour Operators also welcome multiple entry e-visa, saying that it fulfills their long-standing demand.

Sharing how happy they were at the news of opening of internatio­nal commercial flights, Ravi

Gosain, Vice President, Indian Associatio­n of Tour Operators (IATO), said, “We were waiting eagerly for two and a half years for the opening of scheduled internatio­nal flights. This will give encouragem­ent to both tour operators as well as travellers coming to India. While this season is already gone, we are expecting that we will get some good business in the coming season, which will start from October 2022. This will give us a lead time to plan travel and we may get some last-minute business as well. However, we are not focusing on that but we want to make plans based on this news. We also wanted the government to ease the e-visa, but that demand has now been fulfilled,” he said.

He explained that multiple entry visa was a need since tourists coming to India also visit neighbouri­ng countries like Bhutan and Nepal. “We need people to come with a multiple entry visa and I am sure that there will be more flights opening when traffic will increase, which, in turn, would really help tourism industry, which is suffering for two and a half years,” he pointed out.

Gosain shared that they have been working closely with the Ministry of Tourism and various

stakeholde­rs for the last two years to bring back tourism on track. “There are lots of changes happening every now and then and there have been various up and downs. One of our biggest concerns is that we will lose the skilled manpower and we have to work together to get them back on track. In fact, if one is out of business for two years and not doing the same activity, then they tend to forget many things. These are just a few things that are important. We did many presentati­ons and will do again as the next season starts. The flights have restarted in summer, which unfortunat­ely is the off season for us. Hence, we will have time to work on all our skills to be ready to cater to tourists when it is season time,” he informed.

He further added, “We have been closely working with the MOT on the National Tourism

Policy as well as the National Tourism Digital Mission and overseas promotions and all other activities they are doing. We are happy with the policies the government is adopting and the work, which is being undertaken by the MOT. I hope

Opening of flights will give us a lead time to plan travel and we may get some last-minute business as well

all will be implemente­d in time. I was part of the meetings for new Incredible India website, which will be a great thing for India, as the MOT is working on a timeline, which will be great. I think then India will have the best website.”

 ?? ?? Ravi Gosain Vice President, IATO
Ravi Gosain Vice President, IATO
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