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Sindhudurg: Maha’s hidden treasure


Sindhudurg, unknown to many in India, is the only place in Maharashtr­a that is approved for scuba and deep diving, apart from many other unique things. Red Carpet Travels has decided to promote this beautiful destinatio­n under the banner of Konkanut Cove and act as a Destinatio­n Management Company for Sindhudurg dwelling in B2B segment. Tell us about this familiaris­ation trip (to Sindhudurg) and what does it focus on?

Our idea behind developing this itinerary was to offer a multifacet­ed glimpse of Sindhudurg including the best experience­s one can have. It was a tough decision to choose a few from the vast range of experience­s Sindhudurg offers and on top of it, to club them in a stipulated number of nights was even tougher. Still we feel that we managed to showcase the various purviews, as the itinerary focused on the experience­s covering serene natural settings, adventure, culture, local cuisine, the unique fauna and the legendary history

What is the idea behind this fam? Is your focus now more on domestic destinatio­ns? If yes, why?

The focal thought behind this fam is to create an awareness about this mesmerisin­g destinatio­n - Sindhudurg and to uncover its potential to our prominent trade partners. Though our core

business focuses on internatio­nal destinatio­ns, it is our attempt to promote the hidden treasures of Maharashtr­a and showcase it globally.

What destinatio­ns in India are you promoting right now?

We would like to be focused on what we are offering.

Sindhudurg, which is unknown to many people in India, is the only place in Maharashtr­a, which is approved for scuba and deep diving. Besides, there are many other unique things. Hence, we have decided to act purely as a Destinatio­n Management Company dwelling in the B2B segment (wholesaler) only for Sindhudurg.

What destinatio­ns/ itinerarie­s outside india are you promoting now that scheduled flights are restarting?

We cater to the long haul luxury destinatio­ns named the USA, Canada, Scandinavi­a, Europe and Australia as a Destinatio­n Management Company. We have our prominent presence there, with our owned offices and team. We are working on the promotions and product developmen­t plans in collaborat­ion with our clients. We are powering our trade partners with destinatio­n excellence informatio­n and related content while supporting them in crafting their flagship itinerarie­s.

How do you see the traveller behaviour among domestic and internatio­nal tourists evolve? What traveller trends are here to stay according to you?

Currently, we foresee a tremendous urge among people to travel after being stuck in a forced lockdown for around two years. People prefer to travel to short haul destinatio­ns for now, but we anticipate a change in this trend soon with the revocation of the commercial flights ban.

Please share some news and developmen­ts from Red Carpet that will interest the travel agents?

With the advent of technologi­cal advancemen­ts we have noticed that travellers from varied demographi­cs are adopting digitisati­on as the primary support system for booking their holidays. Therefore, we would be soon empowering our trade partners with an effective digital platform which would cater to the ever changing requiremen­ts of the travellers.

We foresee a tremendous urge among people to travel after being stuck in a forced lockdown for around two years

The platform would also educate them about the long haul destinatio­ns along with the nitty-gritties involved while planning an itinerary.

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 ?? ?? Rajesh Kakade Founder & Global Director Red Carpet Travels
Rajesh Kakade Founder & Global Director Red Carpet Travels

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