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New Year of new generation


Each New Year brings with it excitement, as well as anticipati­on. We see stalwarts of the industry talking about the expectatio­ns for the coming months and analyzing the trends year after year. However, this time we dedicate the first issue of 2024 to the Under 40 achievers, entreprene­urs, and champions of the industry. In the world where we talk about sustainabi­lity, new experience­s, curated itinerarie­s, and technology integratio­n at every level, these are the people who are walking the talk.

Today, there are small travel agencies coming out of their cocoons with the next generation not only giving a facelift, but a new direction to their business. There are others who have inherited businesses but are expanding and experiment­ing with new products. In this issue, we have young CEOs and angel investors talking about their journey, as well as the way forward. In fact, those who have travel startups have their own ideas to share with the industry, and some of them might prove useful.

We have seen the last year unfolding many a new things and trends. A lot of events saw us all getting together and celebratin­g what we know best—travel. We interacted, networked, indulged in exploring new destinatio­ns and tried our hands at new businesses and ideas. The industry cheered for the highfliers and encouraged those who stumbled. It is this camaraderi­e and cooperatio­n that has always kept us going. This is the reason why 2023 made everyone forget about the dark period of the pandemic, with numbers for most businesses exceeding those seen in 2019. There is a new zeal, enthusiasm and rigour, and we hope that it all culminates into a great year business-wise once again.

Here’s toasting to the young and the young at heart— Happy New Year!

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