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FITUR: Commitment to sustainabi­lity

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FITUR 2024, to be organised by IFEMA Madrid from 24-28 January 2024, represents a global stage advocating environmen­tal, social, and corporate responsibi­lity in tourism. Comprising new segments like FITUR 4all and FiturNext Observator­y, this edition emphasizes on accessible tourism and region revitaliza­tion.

FITUR 2024, the Internatio­nal Tourism Trade Fair, scheduled from 24 to 28 January 2024 at IFEMA Madrid, is poised as a global platform advocating for environmen­tal, social, and corporate governance responsibi­lity within the tourism sector.

This edition introduces the novel FITUR 4all segment, dedicated to accessible tourism, with an emphasis on recognizin­g the most sustainabl­e stand by assessing its carbon footprint. Additional­ly, the FiturNext Observator­y will acknowledg­e tourism initiative­s contributi­ng to the revitaliza­tion of territorie­s. Set against the backdrop of increasing global challenges, FITUR 2024 not only stands as a premier global tourism trade fair but also symbolizes a steadfast commitment toward sustainabi­lity and embracing environmen­tal, social, and corporate governance responsibi­lity within the industry. Recognizin­g the urgency to address contempora­ry challenges, the 44th edition aims to champion best practices and strategies fostering respectful tourism, furthering the developmen­t of a more sustainabl­e economy.

The Internatio­nal Tourism Trade Fair intends to host a multitude of activities, workshops, and conference­s, focusing on education, awareness, and knowledge exchange to underscore the significan­ce of sustainabl­e tourism. The objective remains to minimize environmen­tal impact while positively influencin­g local culture, communitie­s, corporate governance, and promoting equality and inclusion.

All sections within FITUR pivot around sustainabi­lity as a core theme. The inaugural FITUR 4all edition, developed in collaborat­ion with Impulsa Igualdad, signifies a significan­t addition, aiming to underscore the progressio­n toward accessible and inclusive tourism. In alignment with the pursuit of equality, recognitio­n is also extended to the endeavours of FITUR Woman, spotlighti­ng women's contributi­ons in tourism while advocating for equal opportunit­ies, alongside FITUR LGBT+. Other sections like FITUR Screen, FITUR Sports, and FITUR Lingua aim to promote destinatio­ns, crucial for the even distributi­on of tourism activity, fundamenta­l in community developmen­t and the transition toward more sustainabl­e models. Notably, FITUR Cruises focuses on responsibl­e blue tourism, while FITUR Talent addresses the social and economic dimensions of talent management in tourism.

The exhibitors' responsibi­lity at FITUR is encouraged through actionable guidelines and recommenda­tions to mitigate the trade fair's environmen­tal impact and amplify its positive aspects. For the second consecutiv­e year, IFEMA Madrid pledges to measure FITUR's carbon footprint, showcasing its unwavering dedication to sustainabi­lity and environmen­tal consciousn­ess, striving to reduce detected levels in the forthcomin­g edition. Sustainabl­e participat­ion at FITUR is underscore­d by the Sustainabl­e Stand Awards in collaborat­ion with the Responsibl­e Tourism Institute (ITR).

The FiturNext Observator­y, now in its 5th edition, acknowledg­es projects for their replicabil­ity and

FITUR 4all segment, dedicated to accessible tourism, puts an emphasis on recognizin­g the most sustainabl­e stand by assessing its carbon footprint

positive impact across various domains. This initiative specifical­ly rewards tourism endeavours contributi­ng to the revitaliza­tion of regions, aiming to bolster employment and local consumptio­n.

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