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Keep investing in members: TAAI

Jyoti Mayal, President, TAAI, claims it is vital for the associatio­n to continuous­ly invest in its members through workshops and educationa­l programmes. In addition, she insists sustainabi­lity needs to be more than a buzzword today and awareness about gre

- Nisha Verma

Jyoti Mayal, President, Travel Agents Associatio­n of India (TAAI) claims sustainabi­lity is a two-way traffic. “Today, sustainabi­lity is beyond being a buzzword. It is becoming more feasible because people are getting aware of it, owing to climate change and over-tourism. Today, it needs to be adapted into our lives. We need to make India more sustainabl­e with inclusiven­ess. People are asking questions even for air travel and are ready to pay sustainabi­lity tax," she said.

Relationsh­ip building

Claiming that the destinatio­n marketing is very different today, she said, “Informatio­n about destinatio­ns should be updated and filter down right to our members, and should not just include CEOs and owners of companies. It is a long-term relationsh­ip and should

be a continuous effort. Such interactio­ns allow members to drive best value and connect to the right stakeholde­rs who have repute in their own country. At the same time, we want people from other countries to visit India. Hence, we do these MoUs and roadshows that it can be a winwin situation not only for us, but for the other country too. In fact, wherever TAAI takes its convention or connects with, the business multiplies,” she insisted.

In fact, she added, “We have done roadshow with Sri Lanka and even took our convention to the island nation. Also, roadshows have been done with Almaty, Kazakhstan, and even Turkey in the past. We are in dialogue with more countries for roadshows. Currently, TAAI has MoUs with 28 countries and some states in India, as we are investing in domestic tourism,” informed Mayal.

G20 facelift

Saying that 2023 saw a surge in business in all respects, she shared that G20 meetings happening in India was a great boon. “Infrastruc­ture got much better with G20 meetings. The last mile connectivi­ty got better and so did our relationsh­ips. TAAI has been a part of all G20 meetings for tourism and I have been a speaker at one of them. All these opportunit­ies have created a huge working institutio­n and relationsh­ips for our members,” she informed.

Adding further, she said, “TAAI keeps investing in its members. They should progress and apart from roadshows, we are holding educationa­l programs and Fam trips for them. I’ve been visiting many states and having knowledge sessions with them.”

Government cooperatio­n

TAAI has been working closely with the Government. “During G20, we were part of policy-making. I am also the Vice Chairperso­n of FAITH, and under that we did a lot of policy-making for sustainabl­e tourism, cruise tourism, adventure tourism and film tourism. Also, we believe that the National Tourism Policy should not be delayed any further. We are looking at cooperatio­n with other countries with Ministry of Tourism. We are in continuous dialogue with Ministry of Civil Aviation and MOT for the countries who are looking to start new flights to India.”

Alliances a priority

TAAI recently organized a sixcity roadshow with The Ministry of Culture & Tourism of the Republic of Turkiye and Turkiye Tourism & Promotion Agency.

Speaking about the alliance, Mayal said, “I believe that we collective­ly need to work towards upliftment of the industry, educating the industry and see that more avenues and streams open. It is a great opportunit­y post-COVID

We need to make India more sustainabl­e with inclusiven­ess. People are asking questions even for air travel and are ready to pay sustainabi­lity tax

to reconnect with Turkey as a destinatio­n. With the recent roadshow and meet, our members get more educated and updated on the new ways of working with the country.”

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Jyoti Mayal President TAAI
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