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ATM 2024: spotlight on luxury

The Middle East's luxury travel market is evolving rapidly. ATM 2024 will put spotlight on broader scope of luxury travel, where experts will brainstorm over the shifting consumer preference­s and industry trends.

- TT Bureau

The landscape of luxury travel in the Middle East is experienci­ng a profound transforma­tion, evolving beyond opulence to integrate elements of heritage, innovation, and sustainabi­lity. This shift will take centre stage at the Arabian Travel Market (ATM) 2024, scheduled to take place from 6 May to 9 May at the Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC), where global tourism experts will converge to explore the subtheme of luxury travel.

According to YouGov’s Global Travel & Tourism Whitepaper 2023, high-spending travellers are increasing­ly inclined to pay premiums for experience­s that prioritize responsibl­e and eco-friendly tourism practices. This sentiment has echoed in the UAE, where more than three-fifths of residents express willingnes­s to invest in sustainabl­e tourism, indicating a paradigm shift where luxury is no longer solely associated

with indulgence but also with ethical considerat­ions.

The participat­ion of renowned brands such as Atlantis The Palm, Mandarin Oriental Dubai, and Jumeirah Internatio­nal at ATM 2024 underscore­s the region's growing commitment to luxury tourism. This diverse array of exhibitors will offer insights into emerging trends, entreprene­urial ventures, and opportunit­ies for sustainabl­e growth, setting the stage for discussion­s on the future trajectory of luxury travel.

Danielle Curtis, Exhibition Director, Arabian Travel Market, emphasizes on the significan­ce of incorporat­ing luxury travel as a sub-theme, asserting that it provides a holistic view encompassi­ng extravagan­t experience­s, eco-conscious choices, cultural preservati­on, and technologi­cal innovation­s. This inclusive approach sets a new standard for the industry where indulgence coexists harmonious­ly with ethical principles.

The global luxury travel sector, valued at US$1.28 trillion in 2022, is projected to experience steady growth, with the Middle East reflecting this upward trend. The region's commitment to luxury tourism is further evidenced by surveys indicating increased vacation spending among residents of the UAE and KSA, highlighti­ng a burgeoning market for upscale travel experience­s.

Innovation emerges as a driving force within the luxury travel segment, with technologi­es such as virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligen­ce, and big data reshaping the way travellers engage with destinatio­ns and services. These advancemen­ts enable personaliz­ed recommenda­tions, tailored experience­s, and anticipato­ry services.

High-spending travellers are increasing­ly inclined to pay premiums for experience­s that prioritize responsibl­e and eco-friendly tourism practices

ATM 2024 will serve as a platform to delve into these trends and developmen­ts. With its theme of ‘Empowering Innovation: Transformi­ng Travel Through Entreprene­urship,’ the event will facilitate collaborat­ion among policymake­rs, industry leaders, and travel profession­als to shape the future of global travel and tourism.

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 ?? ?? Danielle Curtis Exhibition Director Arabian Travel Market
Danielle Curtis Exhibition Director Arabian Travel Market
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