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Visible shift towards sustainabi­lity

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Dipti Pradhan Thakoor Director, Adventure Holidays and ETAA Event Head

Some travellers prioritize sustainabi­lity, driven by a sense of environmen­tal responsibi­lity and a desire to engage in responsibl­e tourism practices. Conversely, a significan­t portion is more focused on convenienc­e, cost, or other factors. Striking a balance & offering a range of options catering to various preference­s will be crucial for travel industry's responsive­ness to the evolving landscape.

Anshu Tejuja

Managing Director Ashoka Dream Holidays

With increasing awareness about environmen­tal issues and the impact of tourism, more travellers are seeking eco-friendly and responsibl­e travel experience­s. Today’s travellers are not just looking for luxurious accommodat­ions or popular tourist attraction­s, they are also interested in experience­s that contribute positively to local communitie­s and minimize harm to the environmen­t.

Aanchal Nagpal Founder Roche Holidays

Indian travellers are increasing­ly prioritizi­ng sustainabi­lity in their travel. The average Indian traveller used to look for the most cost-effective option. With the fast changing pace of the world, travellers have been actively opting for options that will reduce their carbon footprint. With a growing awareness of environmen­tal and social impacts, many seek eco-friendly options and products

Shalini Jain Travel Curator Click2Trav­el

The mature traveller today is conscious of sustainabi­lity. This sort of requiremen­t is also largely from the luxury segment. Moreover, we as travel advisors should be more vocal about this and communicat­e about travelling sustainabl­y to our guests. We must also try and initiate simple measures to promote sustainabl­e travel like advising them on alternativ­e options while they are on their journey.

Stephanie Tanpure

Vice President Sales Sands Resorts Macao

There is a rising preference for sustainabl­e travel options within Indian travellers, yet the opportunit­y for growth is definitely something to watch. We see cost as a deterring factor, as eco-friendly and community driven components may come with higher operationa­l expenses. Perception­s are changing though, and a wider choice of sustainabl­e options are entering the market.

Arshdeep Anand Director

Holiday Moods Adventures

Indian traveller is well aware and in sync with the growing problems of the world, and most of them, when sensitised, do not feel good about leaving a huge carbon footprint due to travels. All suppliers are increasing­ly coming up with products which are sustainabl­e. There are eco-friendly options for accommodat­ion and modes of transport. Guests are seeking more local and native experience­s.

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