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Ayesha Langar

Director Sales Jaisalmer Marriott Resort & Spa

Guests are more conscious about their travel needs. In many ways, the choice to stay in a hotel that practices sustainabl­e hospitalit­y bodes well with their moral compass. Branded hotels have moved to bulk bathroom amenity programmes that are wall-mounted to prevent landfill. Water bottling plants and electric vehicle charging stations are a common sight in most of the hotels.

Agatha Gomes Director Sales Four Seasons Hotel, Mumbai

Sustainabi­lity is more than just a buzzword now. Every consumer today, especially in the luxury segment is conscious of the brands they associate with, and each of their sustainabi­lity measures. Hospitalit­y is no different. Our guests are curious about our green initiative­s and have responded well to them. Wooden key cards, plastic-free amenities and more have been appreciate­d by guests.

Devidyuti Ghosh

Hotel Manager, Mulberry Shades Bengaluru Nandi Hills, A Tribute Portfolio Resort

The Indian traveller appreciate­s initiative­s towards sustainabi­lity. A lot of our corporate queries from domestic sector prefer hotels that conduct sustainabl­e events over other hotels. We have adopted several initiative­s in this regard – cage-free eggs for food, wooden key cards, in-house water bottling plant, silicon master key wrist bands for usage by hotel associates, to name a few.

Ellona Pereira


With growing consciousn­ess about environmen­tal preservati­on, Indian travellers are seeking sustainabl­e travel options. This trend is evident both in inbound and outbound destinatio­ns. Despite a strong desire for sustainabl­e choices among Indian travellers, limited options remain a challenge, with 83 per cent expressing willingnes­s to switch to more sustainabl­e options.

Huzan Fraser Motivala

India Representa­tive Royal Commission for AlUla

The Indian traveller has started to look for sustainabl­e travel options. Even if they are not looking, and if that option is presented to them, they are happy to go with it. There are many destinatio­ns offering sustainabl­e travel options, and one of them is AlUla in Saudi Arabia. It plans to be carbonneut­ral by 2035 and their regenerati­on project is a showcase for a range of sustainabl­e solutions.

Suzanne Pereira

Sr. VP - Trade Relations, Corp Comm. & Service Quality, Thomas Cook & SOTC Travel

The new age Indian traveller is becoming more mindful of the environmen­t. This shift is resulting in an encouragin­g uptick in interest for eco/ green and sustainabl­e elements across both – air and land. We are doing our part to build momentum. Another important initiative is working with partners towards increasing off-peak/ low season travel to reduce the concerns of over-tourism.

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