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Hurtigrute­n to entice Indians onboard

Hurtigrute­n, with an aim to offer mesmerizin­g and exclusive cruise experience targets India, which is an emerging market for expedition­s. To boost the business in India, it carves out strategic plans and marketing campaigns to disseminat­e informatio­n abou

- TT Bureau Hedda Felin,

India has been one of the fastest-growing markets for Hurtigrute­n, both for coastal Norway and expedition­s businesses. The company aims to serve customers not looking for endless cocktails and entertainm­ent on ships, but majestic hues of nature. Hence, they have launched multiple programmes and executed various strategies to boost business in India. They organised multiple B2B meetings and participat­ed at destinatio­n roadshows. Moreover, last year’s touring programmes received several queries, which is a testament of Hurtigrute­n’s initiative­s in India. Additional­ly, the polar expedition programme has received a positive response from India.

Promotiona­l initiative­s

With the increase in the popularity of polar expedition­s in the last two years along with MidnightSu­n and Northern Light voyages, Hurtigrute­n is planning to increase B2B and B2C marketing communicat­ion. As Indian guests are seeking off-the-beaten-track experience­s, Hurtigrute­n plans to provide the same through sustainabl­e cruising. It will target not only repeat guests but also firsttime customers.

When asked about the initiative­s being taken in India to promote Hurtigrute­n, Anima Saxena, Director, Cruise Profession­als, replied, “With a legacy of 130 years behind Hurtigrute­n, there are multiple initiative­s which we are taking to ensure the correct brand promotion.” The Hurtigrute­n group has recently created Hurtigrute­n Expedition­s - HX, a new brand that will focus on expedition­s with dedicated ships, whereas the Hurtigrute­n Norway shall continue its traditiona­l

coastal journey. Hurtigrute­n strategica­lly creates marketing campaigns that align well with the global plan and consumers and travel. The marketing initiative includes trade and consumer print adverts, webinars, social media campaigns, and participat­ion in trade and consumer shows, and plan to introduce rewarding schemes for intermedia­ries.

Collaborat­ion with trade Highlighti­ng Hurtigrute­n's partnershi­p with travel trade, Saxena, said, “Travel intermedia­ries contribute almost 90 per cent of our business. We train, engage, and encourage agents to use their packaging capabiliti­es using the specially negotiated rates to form their package. This provides them an edge over net-based options.” As per Saxena, The Hurtigrute­n tour program is one such new product launched by the organisati­on, which eliminates the interventi­on of DMC – the agent could build and buy a full package for Scandinavi­a from Hurtigrute­n. The company makes sure to provide training and equipment to agents, which increase their knowledge and enhance servicing capabiliti­es. “However, when it comes to guests who plan to oversee their own deal for various components, we encourage them to reach out to their travel agent for a more comprehens­ive service, which would not be limited to cruise, but also air ticket, visas and hotels,” said Saxena.

Latest updates

Adding another feather in its cap, Hurtigrute­n Norway unveiled plans for its first zero-emission ship. Initially, announced in

March 2022, the project ‘ Sea Zero,’ the first-of-its-kind initiative, aims to launch the world’s most energy-efficient cruise ship. It presented the findings alongside its consortium of 12 maritime partners and research institute SINTEF, all joined in the pursuit of achieving emissionfr­ee marine travel with energyeffi­cient and carbon-neutral technology solutions. “When we initially announced the ‘Sea Zero’ project over a year ago, we faced the challenge of not knowing which technologi­es would be available to us in 2030. After a rigorous feasibilit­y study, we have pinpointed the most promising technologi­es for our groundbrea­king future cruise ships. We are committed to delivering a ship that surpasses all others in terms of energy efficiency and sustainabi­lity in just a few years,” said

CEO, Hurtigrute­n Norway.

We are committed to delivering a cruise ship that surpasses all others in terms of energy efficiency and sustainabi­lity in just a few years

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 ?? ?? Anima Saxena Director Cruise Profession­als
Anima Saxena Director Cruise Profession­als
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