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‘Revamp India’s global campaign’

Phil Chung, CEO, Yasho Bhomi (Kinexin), highlights untapped opportunit­ies and challenges India faces in maximizing its appeal on the global stage. He suggests that India needs to exhibit its multifacet­ed appeal to the world aggressive­ly, including foreign

- Janice Alyosius

Expressing his view on India's potential as an attractive global destinatio­n in various fields, Phil Chung, Chief Executive Officer, Yasho Bhomi (Kinexin), says that India needs to adopt a more assertive approach in showcasing its allure to the world. "Why don't we have Indian campaigns there? Why don't we see promotion campaigns for India?" Chung says, emphasizin­g on the need for exhibiting India's multifacet­ed appeal to the world more aggressive­ly.

Citing the absence of prominent Indian campaigns featuring on billboards at Broadway in Manhattan, New York, he says, “To make India a truly attractive destinatio­n, we need to move away from the rigid stance. While India is often described as a corporate and convention destinatio­n, the foreign recognitio­n about India is as an adventure destinatio­n. We

are in much more need of indoor attraction­s. Following G20 Summit, organised under the India's leadership, we must harness the country’s full potential, such as its population, industry opportunit­ies, and competitiv­eness.”

Chung also stresses on the importance of government interventi­on in encouragin­g internatio­nal convention­s and exhibition­s across diverse sectors. “If the Indian government mandates every industry to bring in more internatio­nal convention­s and exhibition­s, covering top players from all industry sectors, it would be mutually beneficial. All the top-10 agenda events should be encouraged to take place in India and not in other countries. We need to analyse the top-10 events as per each industry and incentiviz­e them,” Chung says.

Discussing challenges faced by foreign organisers, Chung underscore­s the lack of standardiz­ed tourism packages aligned with convention­s in India. “When I try to introduce India or our venue in New Delhi to foreign organisers, they ask about the tourism packages available in India. They enquire about spouse programmes, half-day or full-day city tourism packages aligned with those convention­s. They ask, 'whom should we contact?' There isn't a standardiz­ed, easy platform or package, despite the presence of many travel agencies. For instance, we are in Dwarka, and people might ask about what is there to see in Dwarka and what its competitiv­eness is. So, we need city-by-city and region-by-region package programmes for all these aspects,” he points out.

Setting up of a deregulati­on committee for M!CE industry would help in simplifyin­g the processes and implementi­ng a single-window system

Acknowledg­ing India's progress in various spheres, Chung suggests for setting up of a deregulati­on committee, specifical­ly focusing on the M!CE industry. “India is doing well in every aspect, and I truly believe it will take some time, but maybe if somebody thinks about establishi­ng a deregulati­on committee from the Central government or Ministry of Tourism, it would be nice. By deregulati­on, I mean easing regulation­s in the M!CE industry. Establishi­ng a deregulati­on committee for this industry would help in simplifyin­g the process of doing business, reducing permits, and implementi­ng a single-window system. Focusing on these regulation­s might bring about significan­t changes in this industry because India is already full of many accommodat­ions and tourism spots; all we need to do is make things a little better,” he concludes.

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Chief Executive Officer Yasho Bhomi (Kinexin)
Phil Chung Chief Executive Officer Yasho Bhomi (Kinexin)
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