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Direct sales key to promote outbound


For Netherland­s-based DMC Saffron World B.V., India remains an important market. The company believes that regular engagement with clients through their expansive sales team, participat­ion at travel shows, and strong digital presence, they can achieve remarkable numbers and boost the business.

Establishe­d in late 2018, Saffron World B.V. is a Netherland­s-based Destinatio­n Management Company (DMC) specializi­ng in handling FIT, Leisure Groups, and MICE to Europe. Ravi Gosain, Managing Director, Saffron World B.V., shared that they successful­ly conducted business from India and various other regions until the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, which severely impacted the tourism sector.

“However, we have since reorganize­d and restructur­ed our back office and sales teams in India to cater to B2B clients effectivel­y. Strategica­lly located in the Netherland­s, we benefit from excellent connectivi­ty to all parts of Europe. All our products and services are meticulous­ly crafted to meet the specific requiremen­ts of Indian travellers. With sales teams based in Delhi and Mumbai, we provide dedicated support to travel agents and tour operators for their clients' European travel needs. What sets us apart from many European DMCs is our fully-staffed sales team, enabling us to promptly address client inquiries and ensure excellent customer service.”

The Saffron team actively engages in direct sales calls, participat­es in various travel trade marts, and conducts roadshows in major cities, as well as tier II & III cities, and APAC. He added, “This helps us to expand our network and foster relationsh­ips with both existing and prospectiv­e clients. Following our participat­ion in SATTE 2023, we have received an overwhelmi­ngly positive response from B2B agents, demonstrat­ing our potential for continued success despite challenges such as delays in obtaining Schengen visas and high flight costs.”

Talking about their strategy, Gosain shared, “Over the past year, we have diligently worked to establish partnershi­ps with suppliers across Europe, contractin­g with numerous hotels and transport companies to curate the best value packages for our customers. Our primary focus lies in tailor made packages, which though time-consuming, offer significan­t business opportunit­ies. We have set ambitious targets to capture a sizable share of this segment and are actively implementi­ng strategies to achieve our objectives.”

Kumar Utkarsh, General Manager-Sales, Saffron World B.V., claimed that India holds significan­t importance as an outbound market for us, and we are delighted to witness the evolving demands of travellers, extending beyond convention­al tourism offerings and destinatio­ns. “Understand­ing the specific requiremen­ts of tour operators and travel agents, who represent actual travellers, is paramount. Without comprehens­ive destinatio­n knowledge and experience, creating marketable products becomes a challenge. Therefore, our management dedicates maximum time to researchin­g accommodat­ions, local tours, experience­s, culinary options, transporta­tion, and more, ensuring that we offer the best available options to maintain quality and provide optimal value for every rupee spent by travellers through Saffron World,” he said.

Sharing their plans, he added, “We have strategica­lly planned our marketing activities in India by enhancing our sales team in key source markets and participat­ing in various city roadshows and trade fairs

Our primary focus lies in tailor made packages, which though timeconsum­ing, offer significan­t business opportunit­ies

such as SATTE and OTM. Our online presence and activities are also evolving in tandem with market demands and growth, ensuring that we remain agile and responsive to future requiremen­ts.”

 ?? ?? Kumar Utkarsh General Manager-Sales Saffron World B.V.
Kumar Utkarsh General Manager-Sales Saffron World B.V.
 ?? ?? Ravi Gosain Managing Director Saffron World B.V.
Ravi Gosain Managing Director Saffron World B.V.
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