PAC-3 mis­siles for US mil­i­tary

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The United States and al­lied mil­i­tary forces will up­grade their mis­sile de­fence ca­pa­bil­i­ties un­der a new $ 944 mil­lion con­tract for pro­duc­tion and de­liv­ery of Lock­heed Martin Pa­triot Ad­vanced Ca­pa­bil­ity-3 ( PAC- 3) and PAC3 Mis­sile Seg­ment En­hance­ment ( PAC3 MSE) in­ter­cep­tors. The con­tract in­cludes PAC-3 and PAC-3 MSE in­ter­cep­tors and launcher mod­i­fi­ca­tion kits for the US Army, Ro­ma­nia and other For­eign Mil­i­tary Sales cus­tomers. The PAC-3 is a high-ve­loc­ity in­ter­cep­tor that defends against in­com­ing threats, in­clud­ing tac­ti­cal bal­lis­tic mis­siles, cruise mis­siles and air­craft. PAC-3 cur­rently pro­vides mis­sile de­fence ca­pa­bil­i­ties for the US, Ger­many, Kuwait, Ja­pan, the Repub­lic of Korea, Tai­wan, the Nether­lands, the United Arab Emi­rates and oth­ers. Build­ing on the com­bat-proven PAC-3, the PAC-3 MSE uses a two-pulse solid rocket mo­tor that in­creases al­ti­tude and range to de­feat evolv­ing threats.

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