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Even as In­dia is evolv­ing as a great power, eco­nom­i­cally as well as mil­i­tar­ily, it has gained im­mense ex­per­tise in de­sign­ing and de­vel­op­ing state-of-the-art de­fence sys­tems. This ac­com­plish­ment has made it en­tre into an elite club of pow­er­ful na­tions at the global stage hav­ing the ca­pa­bil­ity to build their own mil­i­tary plat­forms and sys­tems.

An ex­cel­lent ex­am­ple of In­dia’s grow­ing mil­i­tary might is the Brah­mos su­per­sonic cruise mis­sile sys­tem which, with its multi- role ca­pa­bil­ity, uni­ver­sal­ity and ut­most lethal­ity, has carved a dis­tinct place for it­self with In­dian Armed Forces. The weapon is the only univer­sal su­per­sonic cruise mis­sile sys­tem in the world with the ca­pa­bil­ity of neu­tral­is­ing land or sea based tar­gets.

“To­day, when speed is considered as one of the ma­jor de­ter­mi­nants in the out­come of mil­i­tary con­flicts, Brah­mos, ca­pa­ble of fly­ing at a top speed of around Mach 3, be­comes ex­tremely lethal in strik­ing an en­emy tar­get in no time. The su­per­sonic speed of the mis­sile also makes it dif­fi­cult for in­ter­cep­tion by the en­emy’s air de­fence sys­tem,” said the spokesman.

“In­duc­tion of the mis­sile in the In­dian Armed Forces has ren­dered the armed forces an un­matched po­ten­tial­ity. The weapon has be­come main­stay of the In­dian Army’s ar­tillery fire­power. Sim­i­larly, for many of the Navy’s front­line sur­face ships, Brah­mos has been de­ployed as a prime strike weapon. In its sub-sea launch con­fig­u­ra­tion, the su­per­sonic cruise mis­sile is set to in­crease the Navy’s un­der­wa­ter weapons de­liv­ery ca­pa­bil­ity man­i­fold by be­ing armed in the fu­ture sub­marines.”

On 22 Novem­ber 2017, a new di­men­sion was added by Brah­mos, when an In­dian Air Force’s Sukhoi-30MKI, af­ter be­ing mod­i­fied to carry the 2.5 tonne mis­sile in­te­grated with half a tonne launcher, was test-fired against a sea-based tar­get in the Bay of Ben­gal. With this maiden launch, Brah­mos has aug­mented the IAF’s strike ca­pa­bil­ity and com­pleted the tac­ti­cal cruise mis­sile triad.

“The su­per­sonic cruise mis­sile is a unique ex­am­ple of the part­ner­ship be­tween In­dia and Rus­sia in crit­i­cal ar­eas of re­search and de­vel­op­ment. The speed, pre­ci­sion and power of Brah­mos has proved to the world that a Joint Ven­ture of ad­vanced tech­nol­ogy can lead to a high per­for­mance prod­uct in short­est pos­si­ble time with far-reach­ing ca­pa­bil­i­ties.”

On 22 March 2018, Brah­mos mis­sile test-fired the weapon sys­tem fit­ted with an in­dige­nously devel­oped Seeker at Pokhran test range in Rajasthan. This feat has en­thused a fresh im­pe­tus in the am­bi­tious ‘Make in In­dia’ pro­gramme of the Gov­ern­ment of In­dia.

The 300- km range mis­sile, ini­tially con­ceived and devel­oped as an anti-ship cruise mis­sile (ASCM) sys­tem, has evolved over the years and added many more vari­ants, from sea-to-land, sea-to-sea, landto-land, land-to-sea, sub-sea-to-land, sub­sea-to-sea and air-to-land con­fig­u­ra­tions. The mis­sile can be fired ei­ther from static, mo­bile plat­forms (land and sea) or fighter air­craft, in solo or salvo mode. “This mul­ti­plic­ity makes the weapon all the more ver­sa­tile in tak­ing on the en­emy any­where, any­time,” the spokesman en­thused.

It is the un­tir­ing ef­forts and com­pe­tent lead­er­ship of the en­tire team of Brah­Mos, in­clud­ing the con­sor­tium of more than 200+ In­dian in­dus­tries and mul­ti­ple Rus­sian in­dus­tries, R& D labs and aca­demic in­sti­tu­tions of both the coun­tries, which have made sig­nif­i­cant con­tri­bu­tion in de­sign, de­vel­op­ment and pro­duc­tion leading to the in­duc­tion of Brah­mos in the In­dian Armed Forces. More than 20,000 spe­cial­ists, engi­neers and tech­ni­cians in pub­lic and pri­vate in­dus­tries are cur­rently as­so­ci­ated in re­al­is­ing var­i­ous sys­tems and sub-sys­tems of the weapon com­plex.

“The Brah­mos Joint Ven­ture has set the bright­est ex­am­ple for the de­fence in­dus­try to build strong part­ner­ships and work jointly to­wards re­al­is­ing the larger goal of pro­duc­ing so­phis­ti­cated and highly ad­vanced mil­i­tary sys­tems. It has be­come a na­tional model for the coun­try to be­come self-re­liant in de­fence tech­nol­ogy.”

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