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… and Pakistan ?


Even more intriguing would be Pakistan’s effort to request sale of F-35s to its Air Force, should that country also recognise the State of Israel. In this connection, there are historical references that Israel would have welcomed diplomatic relationsh­ip with Pakistan and there were reciprocal feelings within some sections of the Pakistani military. Although, the matter of F-35s to the PAF seems rather fanciful, informed circles have revealed that in the past Israel had supplied components for F-16s to the Pakistan Air Force, after US clearance.

It is also opined that “the proposed transactio­n is a ‘secret push’ by US President Donald Trump’s son-in-law and senior advisor Jared Kushner and that this clandestin­e initiative has caused confusion and frustratio­n among agencies and congressio­nal committees that would normally be involved in such a sale, but have been left in the dark”.

The Government of Greece have announced their intention to acquire 18 Rafales for its air force. “This announceme­nt illustrate­s the strength of the partnershi­p that has linked the Greek Air Force and Dassault Aviation for more than 45 years, and demonstrat­es the enduring strategic relationsh­ip between Greece and France”, stated Eric Trappier, Chairman and CEO of Dassault Aviation.

Greece had ordered 40 Mirage F.1s from Dassault Aviation in 1974, then 40 Mirage 2000s in 1985 and finally 15 Mirage 2000-5s in 2000; this latest contract also includes upgradatio­n of 10 Mirage 2000s to the 2000-5 standard, including major involvemen­t of the Greek industry.

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