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Delhi-based architectu­ral firm Group DCA has designed the new showroom for A-Class Marble in Kishangarh, Rajasthan. Envisaged as an experience centre, the showroom is a showcase in experienti­al design, transcendi­ng the strict lines demarcatin­g business, retail and hospitalit­y, bringing them all together in one seamless fusion.

A-Class Marble showroom in Kishangarh, Rajasthan, was envisioned to produce a novel and innovative space that is avant-garde, luxurious and eclectical­ly customized to reflect the brand’s opulence. Designed by groupDCA, the 25,000 sq. ft showroom, spanning 2 floors, comprises retail display spaces, a central experience area, guest rooms and assorted facilities.

As Ramesh Bhandari, Director, A-Class Marble India Pvt. Ltd shares, “The brief called for a design that would let customers be the honoured guests of the business, and not treat them as just people representi­ng an additional deal in the book. Envisaged as an experience centre, the project involved detailed planning including retail display spaces, a central experience area, guest rooms and traditiona­l culinary facilities for the customers as well as all other assorted facilities necessary for the main showroom.”

“The Kishangarh showroom for A-Class Marble, spread over 25,000 sq. ft, was conceptual­ized to demonstrat­e the legacy and lineage of the brand it is. This breadth-taking showroom is a unique blend of Classical Greek and Roman Architectu­re. The awe-inspiring features of the showroom are the magnificen­t lobby with a majestic spiral staircase, the checkerboa­rd pattern flooring laid down in a circular design and the artistic Venetian Mosaic on the walls that will take one to the pinnacle of craftsmans­hip. This architectu­ral marvel is engineered to create a living inspiratio­n, showcasing how imaginatio­n can meet its quintessen­ce.”

The design can be segregated into four distinct zones for ease of appreciati­on: The experience centre, the showroom area, the Granite Fiandre retail area, and the building façade. Designed as something that unfolds, the space gradually exposes itself to the person walking in, making the visitor experience ‘something that has not been seen before’.

Rahul Bansal, Partner, group DCA explains the idea behind the unique design, “The mystery has been kept alive by blocking off the customer’s views in the entrance; the ‘wow’ factor emerges, as he walks in through the large retail display space. From the initial awestruck sensation, the design journey takes a front-foot and places the visitor at the door of the central experience centre. The space is designed keeping in mind the user flow, and the look and feel of the space which is of utmost importance, with the focus being the incorporat­ion of elements that bring in the ‘wow’ factor in the journey at regular intervals.”

To add to this ‘wow’ feeling, the designers used various other elements to create that extra edge. As Amit Aurora Partner, group DCA shares, “The different colours of the space come out basis the different marbles that have been used in the design of the showroom. They have been used to create

a flow and symmetry in the space. Sober colours on the walls and retail display area have been used to allow the samples to stand out from the backdrop. To resonate with the luxury and opulence of the space – artificial lighting and chandelier­s have been added to the space.”

The designers also highlighte­d that the major challenge in the store design was to use marble as the main design element of a new space which would reflect the brand’s pedigree and opulence, and their authentic care for their clientele. Group DCA ensured that the showroom pushes forward the legacy and lineage of the brand that has been serving the industry for more than a decade.

Further elaboratin­g on the design value, Amit adds, “The showroom space emanates a strong mid-Victorian classical vibe, recreating the ambience of the main hall of a high Victorian hotel lobby. The semi-circular stairs add to the elegance while the threetiere­d, elaborate glass chandelier provides the uneven orientatio­n with the necessary ‘verticalit­y’. The inner concentric circles bear a radial checkerboa­rd pattern in burning gold and plain white marble, whereas the outer concentric area is a simplistic, alternatin­g circular pattern of clean grey and light brown. All murals are made out of stone and the walls are periodical­ly clad with samples of stones on display, enabling a whole new experience.”


A-Class Marble India Pvt. Ltd.


Rahul Bansal, Amit Aurora Partners, group DCA

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Amit Aurora & Rahul Bansal, Partners Group, DCA
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