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Stores can trans­form in a jiffy with 3M ™ SUR­FACE FIN­ISH FILM and 3M spe­cial­ity vinyls, to re­fresh the store’s ex­ist­ing walls, fur­ni­ture, fix­tures or any­thing that re­quires ‘a new look’.

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Out with old & in with new… maybe eas­ier for your wardrobe, but a har­row­ing task for brands & re­tail­ers to ‘re­fresh’ their stores. It in­volves deal­ing with de­sign, con­trac­tors, con­struc­tion noise and most im­por­tantly loss of rev­enue due to down­time.

Af­ter re­fresh­ing a store, brands have ex­pe­ri­enced a con­sid­er­able rise in sales, while boost­ing the morale of the store staff.

Of­fer­ing a smart and ef­fec­tive so­lu­tion for re­tail­ers to “re­fresh” the store un­til they are ready for re­fur­bish­ment, 3M In­dia has in­tro­duced a self-ad­he­sive sur­face known as 3M ™ SUR­FACE FIN­ISH FILM. Stores can be re­freshed by adding a layer of this self-ad­he­sive vinyl film over the ex­ist­ing walls, fur­ni­ture and fix­tures or any­thing that re­quires ‘a new look’. SFF is avail­able in a choice of many dif­fer­ent fin­ishes rang­ing from wood to metal to stone even ab­stract and high gloss fin­ishes.


No down­time. The re­fresh ac­tiv­ity can hap­pen much faster com­pared to con­ven­tional so­lu­tions The ap­pli­ca­tion of film does not gen­er­ate any odour or noise.

Re­fresh in parts – It is not nec­es­sary to com­plete the en­tire store in one go. Part of the store can be re­freshed im­me­di­ately and the other parts can be re­freshed later.

Mi­nor re­pairs such as chips in the lam­i­nate can he han­dled eas­ily.

In case of any dam­age to the film, re­pairs are pos­si­ble with­out a has­sle.

Flex­i­bil­ity : This can be ap­plied to most sur­faces and can be eas­ily re­moved from uni­fied sur­faces like metal,plas­tic, glass etc with­out ad­he­sive residue .Hence the re­fresh can be car­ried out mul­ti­ple times along with the re­mod­el­ing to give a new look to the store ev­ery sea­son.

Easy to clean and main­tain – Wa­ter proof, clean­ing with soap wa­ter & wipe is eas­ily pos­si­ble

The re­fresh is car­ried out in frac­tion of cost as com­pared to re­fur­bish­ment and can de­lay the re­fur­bish­ment un­til a ma­jor de­sign change is made. More im­por­tantly this new revo­lu­tion­ary so­lu­tion from 3M meets the cost ex­pec­ta­tions of the re­tail in­dus­try and its avail­abil­ity across the coun­try ad­dresses the con­cern of faster com­ple­tion of the store

Many re­tail­ers from dif­fer­ent sec­tors like fash­ion re­tail, tele­com & bank­ing are now con­sid­er­ing this op­tion to keep their stores look­ing new. One of lead­ing re­tail chains to try this is ABRL, who re­cently re­fur­bished few stores us­ing this so­lu­tion. For de­tails please visit www.3min­

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