Cu­rat­ing Unique Ex­pe­ri­ences

On­line so­cial­iza­tion and shar­ing of ex­pe­ri­ences has cre­ated an age of in­stant com­par­i­son, eval­u­a­tion and ap­provals of any life ex­pe­ri­ence at any in­stant in the lives of the con­stantly con­nected con­sumer. This has pushed brands to se­ri­ously look at strateg

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It has been es­tab­lished that the def­i­ni­tion of a re­tail brand is the sum-to­tal of all the per­sonal and real ex­pe­ri­ences that a con­sumer has with the brand at its phys­i­cal space. Re­tail brands are now en­deav­our­ing to de­liver what is called a ‘Unique Ex­pe­ri­ence Propo­si­tion’ (UExP) for their brands. Re­tail ex­pe­ri­ence de­sign­ers are now fo­cussing on dif­fer­ent brand at­tributes that can de­fine and help de­sign the UExP ex­pec­ta­tion in a store con­cept. This plays a vi­tal role in clearly defin­ing the phys­i­cal brand, the store, in four key def­i­ni­tions. The process starts by defin­ing the brand Pur­pose for be­ing in busi­ness. The pur­pose def­i­ni­tion of most ma­ture brands is about ad­dress­ing some ben­e­fit con­sumer get when us­ing the prod­uct. For ex­am­ple, the pur­pose of

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