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Py­ro­bel: Fire-Re­sis­tant Glass Range

Asahi In­dia Glass Lim­ited’s (AIS) Py­ro­bel is the per­fect so­lu­tion against fire that helps re­duce the spread of fire and heat in times of a fire out­break. It also helps in pro­vid­ing enough time to im­ple­ment an evac­u­a­tion plan. In the event of a fire, the in­ter­layer will ex­pand and trans­form into a rigid and opaque fire shield. Py­ro­bel is a mul­ti­l­am­i­nated glass as­sem­bled with a clear in­tu­mes­cent (fire-re­tar­dant) in­ter­layer. It can sub­sti­tute a brick wall in terms of fir­ere­tard­ing prop­erty, yet give trans­parency. While some of the fire safety glasses func­tion as a phys­i­cal bar­rier pre­vent­ing the spread of fire and smoke, cer­tainly ad­vanced so­lu­tions can re­duce ra­di­ant heat from a fire.


Data Server Rooms


Doors & Win­dows


Roofs / Over­head Ap­pli­ca­tions


Refuge floors / Ar­eas

Smoke Screens

Swytch­glas – Smart Glass

AIS Swytch­glas is a rev­o­lu­tion­ary smart glass which gives the flex­i­bil­ity to switch at a click of the but­ton. It of­fers a cut­ting-edge glass tech­nol­ogy that com­bines the power to con­trol both trans­paren­cies as well as heat trans­mis­sion to make it the smartest glass around. With Swytch­glas, you can turn trans­par­ent glass to translu­cent glass to block vis­i­bil­ity at the switch of a but­ton. This presents a whole new world of op­por­tu­ni­ties with the smart glass. Whether for a res­i­den­tial or com­mer­cial space, it has a wide va­ri­ety of ap­pli­ca­tions. It can also be used for chang­ing rooms.

Dé­cor -- Lac­quered Glass

AIS Dé­cor is a lac­quered glass that has a unique, coloured, opaque ap­pear­ance. It is man­u­fac­tured us­ing spe­cial, high-qual­ity paint on one side of the glass and oven­cured through a unique process. This makes it highly heat-re­sis­tant and also gives it a uni­form feel, thus en­sur­ing a last­ing im­pres­sion.

Durable: Lac­quer­ing en­sures lon­glast­ing, beau­ti­ful colours

Easy to use and main­tain

En­vi­ron­ment-friendly paints used

Pro­cess­ing: Can be cut, drilled, ground, bev­elled, and edge-fin­ished or pol­ished

Heat-re­sis­tant up to 80°C. (Slight fad­ing of colour with pro­longed ex­po­sure to high tem­per­a­tures)

UV re­sis­tance pre­vents dis­col­oration.

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