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Spread across ap­prox. 1500 sq ft and de­signed by Kolkata and Ban­ga­lore-based ar­chi­tec­tural firm, Open To Sky, em­i­nent cou­turier Rahul Mishra’s lat­est flag­ship store at Mum­bai’s Kala Ghoda is a re-dis­cov­ery of an old ty­pol­ogy of a build­ing.

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The over­all de­sign sen­si­bil­ity of cou­ture de­signer Rahul Mishra’s lat­est flag­ship store at Mum­bai’s art district Kala Ghoda re­volves around spa­tial trans­paren­cies wo­ven through­out the store. The ar­chi­tec­tural crafts, delu­sional in­ter­pre­ta­tions and ma­te­rial palette en­sure a con­tin­ued pat­tern of walk­ing and shop­ping, while cel­e­brat­ing the cou­turier’s pas­sion for craft.

Lo­cated in an old-style build­ing, the space, di­vided into one and half (mez­za­nine) floor, was ear­lier used as an of­fice. The old ty­pol­ogy of the build­ing pro­por­tion of­fered de­sired depth, but not the width, thereby pos­ing the chal­lenge of dark­ness in­side the store. To max­imise the sun­light, four open­ings in­clud­ing the main en­try of the store were added to the street-fac­ing wall, which also func­tions as the façade of the store. In­ner

Though it is a bro­ken-down for­mat of re­tail store and this kind of ar­chi­tec­ture gen­er­ally calls for out-of-turn ef­forts, we are par­tic­u­larly proud of this work. Lo­cated amidst other de­sign-ori­ented brands and cou­turi­ers, we had to bring a sense of ex­clu­siv­ity. This space had a chal­lenge of sun­light stream­ing in. We em­ployed a num­ber of ways to evoke a sense of open­ness and con­tin­ued shop­ping jour­ney through an ar­ti­sanal space.

rooms are con­nected with the sun­bathed front room with a vestibule to al­low pos­si­ble amount of sun­light to stream in­side. These open­ings also work as van­tage point that of­fers a holis­tic look of the en­tire store.

The in­ner lay­out of the store con­tains the baroque man­nequins to sit in the front room, while the mer­chan­dises are show­cased in the in­side room and the mez­za­nine floor acts as the ate­lier floor that is also used for in­ter­ac­tions with the de­signer. Since the in­ner room is ab­stained from di­rect sun­light, a frosted glass wall has been added to this room, that off­sets some plants out­side. At the other side of the frosted glass wall, ar­ti­fi­cial light­ing sys­tem is added to give vir­tual im­pres­sion of nat­u­ral light.

The store floor­ing is a com­bi­na­tion of pol­ished ce­ment floor with brass de­tail­ing, which con­tin­ues uni­formly through­out the store. The brass dis­play fix­tures use only hang­ing va­ri­ety to ren­der a feel­ing of floated mer­chan­dises.

The work­shop on the mez­za­nine floor, sit­ting on the right side of the ate­lier room, brings an­other level of “trans­parency” as it is di­vided via ribbed glass panel, through which the move­ment of the mas­terji can be viewed par­tially. This sense of delu­sion takes the store to a dif­fer­ent level al­to­gether.

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