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What are BMC’S plans for the In­dia mar­ket, given the chal­leng­ing times in the global mar­kets?

We are work­ing on of­fer­ing stan­dard­ized man­aged sys­tems on cloud. We have adopted a three-pronged ap­proach to the In­dian mar­ket. This strat­egy in­cludes our plans to en­hance our reach and in­crease our share in the mar­ket.

The first part of our strat­egy in­cludes our plans to sell to In­dian based cor­po­ra­tions like the Fu­ture Group, Idea, Tata Mo­tors, Re­liance, etc. We have a great pres­ence among them. We sell to some of the largest enterprise­s, work on the large govern­ment projects such as UID.

The sec­ond part of our strat­egy is ‘sell through’, which in­cludes our plans to sell through global enterprise­s in In­dia such as In­fosys, HCL, Wipro, TCS, etc. We are work­ing with them in many au­toma­tion, ser­vice man­age­ment, com­plete man­age­ment of the ap­pli­ca­tion stack, and cloud projects. In ad­di­tion, we are work­ing with Ac­cen­ture, which has a huge pres­ence in In­dia. BMC is work­ing closely with al­most all ma­jor sys­tem in­te­gra­tors and is driv­ing the move to cloud for many enterprise­s.

The third part of our strat­egy in­cludes to hire, at­tract, and de­velop a great tal­ent in In­dia for en­gi­neer­ing, back of­fice, and sales.

How big is BMC Soft­ware in In­dia?

BMC Soft­ware has a huge pres­ence in In­dia. Pune is the largest site in the world for BMC, larger than the cor­po­rate head­quar­ter in the US. At present, around 1,400 peo­ple are em­ployed in In­dia in en­gi­neer­ing, back of­fice, and sales. We have grown rapidly in 10 years. It was a clas­sic global la­bor ar­bi­trage move in our op­er­a­tions in In­dia.

What is your strat­egy for In­dia’s evolv­ing cloud mar­ket?

The cloud mar­ket is on our radar as we have been try­ing to tap it through our part­ners and look­ing for­ward to tap enterprise­s, sys­tem in­te­gra­tors, and tel­cos who want to build Ama­zon-like cloud en­vi­ron­ments for their em­ploy­ees and cus­tomers. We help com­pa­nies build the cloud. SAP has built its cloud on our soft­ware. So we don’t sell data­bases, op­er­at­ing sys­tems, vir­tual ma­chines, and mid­dle­ware lay­ers. Our strat­egy is to bring the tightly in­te­grated prod­uct to the out­sourcers, SIS, and enterprise­s, and sell the en­tire or­ches­tra­tion sys­tem. It al­lows them to build cloud quickly for their em­ploy­ees or their cus­tomers. Thus they can com­pete with Google, Mi­crosoft, or Ama­zon.

What kind of busi­ness chal­lenges do you see in the In­dian mar­ket?

In In­dia we have seen a great amount of ap­petite for new tech­nolo­gies such as cloud. The com­pany is op­ti­mistic to take its foot­print fur­ther and add up to its ex­ist­ing cus­tomer base. We’ve more than 100 cus­tomers in In­dia, in­clud­ing Tata Mo­tors, Re­liance, Idea, and Voda­fone, etc.

What is your take on the eco­nomic crises in the In­dian mar­ket?

The global eco­nomic cri­sis is both a risk and an op­por­tu­nity. Par­tic­u­larly the cus­tomers dur­ing this kind of sce­nario like to lower cost and in­crease ef­fi­ciency. And, we help them to do this.


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