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Consumer-fac­ing com­put­ing and telecom­mu­ni­ca­tion de­vices have been un­der­go­ing un­prece­dented changes at pe­ri­odic in­ter­vals. This is equally ap­pli­ca­ble to a desk­top, a notebook, or a mo­bile phone. While the un­der­ly­ing pro­cess­ing pow­ers of these de­vices have in­creased man­i­fold, ma­jor evo­lu­tions and in­no­va­tions have hap­pened in terms of the form fac­tor as well.

Among the com­put­ing de­vices, the most sig­nif­i­cant change has per­haps hap­pened in the desk­top genre, par­tic­u­larly through all-in-ones, which have lately started ap­pear­ing on store shelves in a more no­tice­able way. The key propo­si­tion that would drive the adop­tion of these de­vices in the long run is their ‘desk­a­bil­ity’, or the abil­ity to sit on smaller desks.

Need­less to say, the growth in note­books has ma­jorly been driven by the aspects of porta­bil­ity and ul­tra-porta­bil­ity. Un­der­stand­ably, these de­vices haven’t seen very ex­tra­or­di­nary changes in their form fac­tors over the years.

On the telecom­mu­ni­ca­tion front, mo­bil­ity has been the key driver across de­vices rang­ing from ba­sic to rich fea­ture phones to smart­phones. No other client de­vice genre other than the mo­bile phones would have such va­ri­ety, be in terms of form fac­tors, de­sign, or in­put tech­nol­ogy. So we have phones with candy bar, clamshell, and slider form fac­tors and with qwerty, touch, and touch-and-type in­put meth­ods.

Yes, form fac­tor also re­lates to the size and the 3-di­men­sional as­pect of the de­vice. And in this con­text, ‘palma­bil­ity’ for the mo­bile phones be­comes as im­por­tant as the porta­bil­ity for a notebook. It also al­ludes to the touch and feel of the de­vice when held in the hand.

Sure, the palma­bil­ity of a de­vice would vary from per­son to per­son. So a smaller and sleeker de­vice would bet­ter slip in the palm of a per­son with rel­a­tively smaller hands, while the larger de­vices would ex­pect­edly rest more com­fort­ably in larger hands. Palma­bil­ity can help users to be­come more com­fort­able with the de­vice. No won­der, de­vice mak­ers are pay­ing greater at­ten­tion to ‘palma­bil­ity’ with the newer breeds of hand­sets.

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