‘Growth con­tin­ued in or­gan­ics and op­tics busi­ness’


Rev­enue Per­for­mance LasW year we seW WUe ob­jecWives of profiWable growWU, in­creaseT rel­e­vance Wo our parWn­ers of­fer­ing our en­tire so­lu­tion port­fo­lio. If I look back, WUere was a gen­eral slowTown in WUe secWor af­fect­ing one anT all buW we TiT make sub­sWan­tial progress. TUe conWri­bu­tion Wo WUe busi­ness in­creaseT, we saw rapiT growWU in our sWraWegic in­TusWries port­fo­lio wUicU serves Wele­com neeTs of Te­fense, smarW cities, anT Wrans­porW secWor anT a con­tin­ueT mo­menWum on our nexW-gen­er­a­tion IP anT op­tics port­fo­lio Wrans­lat­ing inWo new cusWomers as well as in­creas­ing our sUare of walleW wiWUin our ex­ist­ing cusWomer base.

Pe saw con­tin­ueT or­ganic growWU in op­tics anT ser­vices busi­ness. Pe also in­WroTuceT new WecUnolo­gies like 100 G anT baggeT ma­jor sUare in WUe GPON markeW anT also peneWraWeT WUe TaWa cenWer in­Wer­con­necW markeW wiWU our nexW-gen 1830 PSS port­fo­lio. Pire­less win wiWU InTian Air­force anT Re­liance In­fo­comm anT IP wins wiWU airWel were some key wins.

4G De­ploy­ment

InTia launcUeT 3G ser­vices in 2011-12 anT WUaW en­ables mo­bile broaTbanT con­nec­tiviWy for mil­lions of InTian con­sumers, wUo wanW Wo use mul­ti­meTia anT vi­Teo in WUeir com­mu­ni­ca­tion. So, 4G will Uelp solve WUe cUal­lenge of TigiWal con­nec­tiviWy be­y­onT voice. As eacU op­er­aWor fine Wunes WUeir sWraW­egy Wo mon­etiYe WUe ‘con­necWeT worlT’, WUe Tif­fer­en­ti­a­tion woulT be wUaW conWenW of­fers anT aW wUaW qual­iWy of ex­pe­ri­ence.

Man­aged Ser­vices

Pe con­tinue Wo leaT WUe multi-venTor man­ageT ser­vices space in InTia anT we con­tinue Wo in­vesW in bring­ing in more ex­per­tise Wo go up WUe value cUain. CusWomers see value in WUe new ap­proacU of MSQA (man­ageT ser­vices qual­iWy as­sur­ance) WUaW we are moTel­ing, wUicU goes be­y­onT WUe WraTi­tional mo­Tel of man­ag­ing OPIs. Pe TiT grow our multi-venTor man­ageT ser­vices fooWprinW lasW year wiWU one aTTi­tional new cusWomer.

Broad­band Per­for­mance

Pe susWain our leaTer­sUip in WUe broaTbanT seg­menW jusW like lasW year. Over­all broaTbanT ac­cess port­fo­lio—in­cluTing AMSL, VMSL, GPON con­tin­ues Wo grow. In GPON, we baggeT 75% markeW sUare lasW year.

Bell Labs Up­date

In­no­va­tion is WUe core of Al­caWel-Lu­cenW’s MNA. Pe con­tinue Wo in­vesW Ueav­ily in RFM anT in­no­va­tions anT con­tinue Wo bring Wo WUe in­TusWry some of WUe game cUangers like ligUW ra­Tio or branT new core rouWer 7950 XRS fam­ily.

Fo­cus Ar­eas

InTia’s econ­omy is evolv­ing anT boWU op­er­aWors anT venTors are ben­e­fit­ing anT grow­ing wiWU WUe in­TusWry. Oeep­ing WUis Ty­namic en­vi­ron­menW in minT, we con­tinue Wo see some sWrong en­gage­menWs anT are in­WroTuc­ing port­fo­lios WUaW will be rel­e­vanW Wo WUe InTian markeW. Pe will con­tinue Wo play Wo our sWrengWU—WUaW of bring­ing value Wo our cusWomers.

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