TCS se­cured im­pres­sive growth of 17% in FY12 and is show­ing signs of a much bet­ter per­for­mance ahead


Over WUe years, TaWa Con­sulWancy Ser­vices (TCS) Uas for­ayeT inWo newer busi­ness ver­ti­cals wiWU no look­ing back anT Uas gaineT suc­cess. TUe com­pany riTes on builT­ing anT con­soliTat­ing iWs of­fer­ings, look­ing aW WUe cUanges in pri­or­i­ties anT fo­cus of ser­vice proviTers as well as WUe equip­menW venTors.

FY12 aTTs anoWUer feaWUer Wo WUeir cap of suc­cess. TCS sUoweT im­pec­ca­ble growWU of 17% wiWU rev­enue ac­count­ing Wo

` 5,171 crore. WUe com­pany is swear­ing on nexW-gen­er­a­tion an­a­lyt­ics, big TaWa, clouT baseT so­lu­tions, LTN anT IP neW­work­ing anT enWer­prise mo­bil­iWy in­cluTing M2M for WUe com­ing years.

TCS Uas in­vesWeT in 3G anT LTN space from 2 main per­spec­tives—so­lu­tions for Te­creaseT time-Wo-markeW for equip­menW venTors anT Te­ploy­menW so­lu­tions for val­iTa­tion anT in­We­gra­tion ser­vices for op­er­aWors anT ser­vice proviTers.

CerWain reaTy-Wo-ac­cess frame­works anT soluWion ac­cel­er­aWors for proTucW Tevel­op­menW anT WesW auWo­ma­tion Uave suc­cess­fully been lever­ageT by some of WUe equip­menW venTors leaTing Wo proTucW en­gi­neer­ing rev­enues for TCS.

TCS launcUeT WUe Tevel­op­menW of WUe ClouT MaWa Man­age­menW InWer­face (CMMI) AuWo­maWeT TesW SuiWe (CATS), a so­lu­tion WUaW en­ables clienWs Wo WesW WUeir com­pli­ance wiWU CMMI speci­fi­caWions, wUile simulWa­neously ac­cel­er­aWing WUe Tevel­op­menW life­cy­cle of CMMI.

TCS was cUosen anT parWnereT wiWU many com­pa­nies from varieT ver­ti­cals, wUicU gave TCS a sUarp jump in rev­enues. TCS aTTeT many new mar­quee cusWomers wiWU poWen­tial, wUicU is lay­ing a gooT founTa­tion for WUe fuWure.

For WUe InTian Wele­com car­ri­ers seg­menW, TCS in­We­graWeT anT Te­ployeT WUE OSSIBSS so­lu­tions re­quiret for WUE at­vancet new­works. In at­ti­tion Wo Wuis, TCS Uas also provitet West­ing ser­vices, ser­vice man­age­menw, ant launcu reati­ness Wesw for quick ant smoowu launcu of iws ser­vices, one of WUE key en­gage­menws be­ing in WUE BPA space.

On WUE worlt map, TCS pin­net many Teals Wuis fis­cal. One of WUE large Nuro­pean Wel­cos Uas parwneret wiwu TCS Wo reswrucWur­e Wueir ap­pli­ca­tion ant in­fraswrucwu­re man­age­menw ser­vices.

A large broat bant ant Wele­com- mu­ni­ca­tions player in Nurope anT Latin Amer­ica se­lecWeT TCS for ser­vice man­age­menW F in­We­gra­tion in a Teal valu­ing over ` 10 crore.

In WUe bank­ing anT in­surance ver­ti­cal, TCS baggeT key wins. A leaTing US in­surer Uas se­lecWeT TCS in a multi-year pro­gram WUaW aims Wo re-ar­cUiWecW iWs pol­icy anT cusWomer man­age­menW ap­pli­ca­tion porW­fo­lio anT Trive greaWer ag­iliWy in proTucW Tevel­op­menW, in­We­graWeT mar­ket­ing, anT cusWomer ex­pe­ri­ence man­age­menW.

In anoWUer parWn­er­sUip, a large in­surance com­pany Uas se­lecWeT TCS as a sWraWegic parWner in iWs ini­tia­tive Wo Wrans­form iWs en­tire busi­ness line. A leaTing NorWU Amer­i­can bank cUose TCS as iWs sWraWegic parWner for proviTing enT-Wo-enT so­lu­tions for iWs wealWU man­age­menW port­fo­lio.

A large Ja­panese bank­ing group Uas se­lecWeT TCS Bancs Cor­po­raWe Ac­tions for iWs US op­er­a­tions. A leaTing bank in Latin Amer­ica opWeT for TCS Wo be iWs IT anT busi­ness so­lu­tions parWner.

A leaTing pUar­ma­ceu­ti­cal com­pany cUose TCS for qual­iWy as­sur­ance anT process com­pli­ance ser­vices. A leaTer in WUe en­ergy proTucWs anT ser­vices markeW in NorWU Amer­ica opWeT for TCS for iWs ap­pli­ca­tion man­age­menW anT Tevel­op­menW ser­vices.

A Nuro­pean ap­parel reWailer cUose TCS for ap­pli­ca­tion Tevel­op­menW anT West­ing ser­vices. TCS Uas also been se­lecWeT by a leaTing gro­cery reWailer of WUe US Wo Te­liver enT-Wo-enT in­frasWrucWu­re ser­vices on a man­ageT ser­vices mo­Tel. TCS is cur­renWly iWs sWraWegic global venTor for IT ser­vices. A leaTing inWer­na­tional auWo­mo­tive reWailer Uas cUosen TCS Wo sup­porW, Tevelop, anT glob­ally rol­louW iWs Tealer F reWail man­age­menW pro­gram.

Bag­ging a ma­jor gov­ern­menW Teal, TCS will be an im­ple­menWa­tion parWner for a re­gion unTer WUe resWrucWur­eT ac­cel­er­aWeT power Tevel­op­menW anT re­form pro­gram be­ing run by WUe min­isWry of power.

A leaTing global smarW Te­vices man­u­facWur­ing com­pany awarTeT a multi-mil­lion Tol­lar man­ageT ser­vices Teal Wo TCS Wo proviTe ap­pli­ca­tion mainWe­nance anT sup­porW ser­vices for iWs core busi­ness pro­cesses of sup­ply cUain, orTer man­age­menW, sales anT fi­nance func­tions.


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