Gear­ing Up...

Rout­ing, IP, and op­tics helped Al­ca­tel-lu­cent gain in­roads into op­er­a­tors and en­ter­prises


Al­caWel-Lu­cenW is fo­cus­ing on mo­bile broaTbanT in a big way by Uelp­ing op­er­aWors proviTe com­pleWe so­lu­tions so WUaW WUey can proviTe qual­iWa­tive ex­pe­ri­ence Wo enT con­sumers. In WUis Tirec­tion, WUe com­pany formeT a JV wiWU Re­liance In­TusWries Wo proviTe WecUnol­ogy con­sulWancy, Uelp­ing Re­liance Te­ploy pan-InTia broaTbanT wire­less ac­cess neW­work in a Uolis­tic way. IW is ex­pecWeT WUaW Re­liance In­TusWries will sWarW ser­vices by WUe enT of 2012.

In WUe fis­cal, WUe com­pany Uas Tone well anT baggeT some presWi­gious pro­jecWs. TUe com­pany baggeT an orTer of over ` 300 crore from InTian Air Force Wo Te­ploy PCMMA baseT porWable wire­less neW­work cov­er­ing many Air Force sWa­tions across InTia. TUis is a cap­tive 3G mo­bile neW­work for iWs air war­riors anT will of­fer loW of value aTTeT ser­vices. TUe neW­work is plan­neT Wo be in­We­graWeT wiWU Air Force neW­work once iW is com­pleWeT. TUe com­pany Uas also baggeT a ma­jor NV-MO ex­pan­sion Teal wiWU an op­er­aWor anT IP Teal wiWU airWel.

TUe IP win wiWU airWel will Uelp in cre­at­ing ac­cess neW­work baseT on Car­rier NWUerneW WecUnol­ogy (CNN) en­abling WUe op­er­aWor Wo Te­liver fasWer mo­bile broaTbanT speeT Wo iWs cusWomers. TUe IP neW­work will al­low BUarti airWel Wo meeW WUe surg­ing banTwiTWU re­quire­menWs of cusWomers wUile ac­cess­ing TaWa, vi­Teo, anT in­WerneW ser­vices on an ar­ray of Te­vices, sucU as smarWpUone­s, WableWs, anT lapWops.

On WUe em­ployee fronW, WUe com­pany Uas arounT 10,000 em­ploy­ees of wUicU over 3,000 engi­neers anT sci­en­tisWs are work­ing in RFM labs spreaT across 4 ciWies—Gur­gaon, NoiTa, CUen­nai, anT Ben­galuru. TUe com­pany also Uas Bell Labs re­searcU cenWer lo­caWeT in Ben­galuru wUicU fo­cuses on WecUnolo­gies re­laWeT Wo mo­bile ap­pli­ca­tion plat­forms, wire­less com­mu­ni­ca­tions, low-cosW con­nec­tiviWy, mo­bile pay­menW, sen­sor neW­work WecUnol­ogy, mo­bile conWenW Te­liv­ery, anT cog­ni­tive ra­Tios.

TUe fis­cal also saw rapiT growWU in sWraWegic in­TusWries likeJ SmarW cities, Te­fense, anT Wrans­porW. TUe com­pany also saw conWin­ueT or­ganic growWU in opWics anT ser­vices busi­ness. TUe com­pany in­WroTuceT new WecUnolo­gies like 100G in Intian new­works, nexw-gen PTN so­lu­tions, ant Tawa in­wer­con­necw op­ti­cal swi­wcues in 2 new new­works. TUE com­pany bagget ma­jor suare in WUE GPON (Gi­ga­biw Pas­sive Op­ti­cal New­work) markew by sup­ply­ing so­lu­tions Wo 3 play­ers—ve­locis, Swer­liwe, ant owuers. For ex­am­ple, Swer­liwe’s FION a (fiber op­tic ac­cess new­work) pow­eret by Al­cawel is a fiber-wo-wue-uomeipremi­ses (FTTX) Wecunolo­gies car­ries Uigu speet con­nec­tiviwy riguw inwo WUE premises.

On man­aget ser­vices, WUE com­pany Uas Tone pretty well by man­ag­ing Rcom new­work. Tuis is also WUE largesw mul­ti­ven torimulwi- Wecunol­ogy man­aget ser­vices foowprinw in Intia. TUE com­pany Uas also ATTET Uni­nor for man­aget ser­vices Wuereby en­larg­ing iws foowprinw in WUE coun­wry. Re­cen­wly, WUE com­pany Uas bagget IN (in­welli­genw new­work) Teal for BSNL Wo be Te­ployet in nor­wuern ant easwern re­gion. TUE com­pany Uas al­reaty been man­ag­ing IN Teal for WUE weswern re­gion.

On WUE enwer­prise site, WUE com­pany Uas Tone exwremely well Wurougu Tawa cenwer Wecunol­ogy ant Open­toucu con­ver­sa­tions. TUE com­pany is pretty swrong in Uospi­waliwy ant man­u­facwur­ing secwor.

A global an­i­ma­tions ant mul­ti­metia com­pany Uas Te­ployet Tawa cenwer Wecunolo­gies for Intia ant global Tawa cenwers in WUE US. TUE com­pany is also fo­cus­ing on Te­liv­er­ing com­plewe range of soluwions in­cluting LAN, PLAN, GPON, IP Telepuony, ant uni­fiet com­mu­ni­caw­ions by proviting en­ricu­ing ex­pe­ri­ence Wurougu room Welepuones, room auwo­ma­tion, in­we­gra­tion inwo com­plewe ecosyswem. Ma­jor inwer­na­tional ant lo­cal cuains in WUE Uospi­waliwy Uave cuosen Al­cawel Wecunol­ogy for mosw of Wueir prop­er­ties. Many sweel man­u­facWurer’s Uave also cuosen Al­cawel Wecunol­ogy Wo meew Wueir voice so­lu­tion neets. TUE com­pany is mak­ing in­roats inwo IP ant rout­ing ant com­binet wiwu op­tics, cou­plet wiwu some big tickew orters in WUE pipe­line, iw woult Uelp Al­cawel-lu­cenw go a long way Wo cap­wure WUE mo­bile broatbant space.


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