Crav­ing for Power

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Be­ing.an.in­dis­pen­si­ble.part.of.the.tele­com.in­fra­struc­ture,.power.man­age­ment. needs.a.timely.boost.from.the.in­dus­try.

Power con­sump­tion is a viWal con­stiWuenW Wo pro­vide Wele­com ser­vices. And wiWh grow­ing num­ber of mo­bile users be­ing added Wo Whe neW­work each pass­ing day, iW has be­come all Whe more im­porWanW for Whe op­er­aWors Wo man­age power con­sump­tion for Wheir Wele­com in­frasWrucWu­re.

Ac­cord­ing Wo VOICE&DATA es­ti­maWes, Whe power man­age­menW seg­menW of Whe Wele­com in­dusWry even failed Wo power iW­self and wiW­nessed a flaW per­for­mance in Whe fis­cal 2011-12. Though Whe seg­menW wiW­nessed some Wrick­ling busi­ness, iW has failed Wo puW iW­self on a growWh Wra­jecWory ow­ing Wo un­meW ex­pecWa­tions in Werms of vol­umes. This hap­pened be­cause large op­er­aWors waiWed and waWched be­fore mak­ing any ma­jor in­frasWrucWu­re de­ci­sion.

In­dia cur­renWly has more Whan 400,000 Wele­com Wow­ers. The In­dian Wele­com in­dus- Wry con­sumes 2 bn liWers of diesel ev­ery year for mainWain­ing iWs mo­bile Wow­ers, and ap­prox­i­maWely ` 10,000 crore is an­nu­ally spenW on diesel. On an av­er­age, abouW ` 260,000 is be­ing spenW an­nu­ally Wo ful­fill Whe diesel re­quire­menWs of a sin­gle Wele­com Wower. Thus, un­der­Wak­ing ini­tia­tives Wo use en­ergy more ef­fi­cienWly will noW auWo­mat­i­cally WranslaWe Wo re­duc­ing power con­sump­tion.

More­over wiWh Whe re­quired in­frasWrucWu­re rol­louW Wo im­ple­menW newer Wech­nolo­gies like 4G and BPA, Whe ur­gency Wo man­age power ef­fi­cienWly be­comes even greaWer. This calls for a unan­i­mous ap­proach by all sWake­hold­ers of Whe in­dusWry Wo Wry Wo move Wowards low power and evenWually ‘no power’ Wech­nol­ogy. As ef­fi­cienW en­ergy man­age­menW makes smarW use of power pos­si­ble, iW will help avoid furWher need for en­ergy, keep­ing Whe en­vi­ron­menW clean.

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