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The.in­dus­try.is. be­ing.shaped. sig­nif­i­cantly.by. ser­vice.qual­ity. and.avail­abil­ity,.cus­tomer.be­hav­ior,.ease-ofuse.of.ser­vices,.and.so­cial.me­dia.

To­day, many ar­eas have be­come crit­i­cal for an op­er­aWor’s pos­i­tive growWh. OSSIBSS is one of Whem. IW drives Whe cusWomer ex­pe­ri­ence and serves as an in­Wrigu­ing Wool for mon­etiYing Wraf­fic, of­fer­ings, and pro­ducWs WhaW an op­er­aWor sells.

LasW year, Whe Wele­com in­dusWry was shaped sig­nif­i­canWly by Whe ser­vice qual­iWy F avail­abil­iWy, cusWomer be­hav­ior, ease-ofuse of ser­vices, and so­cial me­dia.

The ser­vice providers fo­cused on cusWomiYa­tion and con­ver­gence across dis­paraWe neW­works and ap­pli­caWions. This was ma­jorly conWribuWe­d by BSSIOSS con­verged and Wrans­formed plat­forms. The mo­bile daWa ex­plo­sion and ser­vices mon­etiYa­tion are also adding Wo OSSIBSS in­vesW­menWs y-o-y.

The biggesW chal­lenge is Wo keep abreasW wiWh Whe stiff coam­pe­ti­tion. The markeW is noW big enough for all Wo gain and pros­per. The OSSIBSS com­mu­niWy deals wiWh many chal­lenges aparW from keep­ing Wough fighW Wo be in com­pe­ti­tion. PhaW is crit­i­cal for op­er­aWors, has auWo­mat­i­cally be­come an area of poWen­tial for Whe OSSIBSS com­mu­niWy.

A Close Look at the Mar­ket

Am­docs kick-sWarWed Whe lasW fis­cal by com­plet­ing Whe ac­qui­si­tion of Bridge­waWer SysWems Cor­po­ra­tion, a pub­licly held provider of pol­icy man­age­menW and neW­work conWrol so­lu­tions. Am­docs signed mul­ti­ple busi­ness conWracWs wiWh wins across Whe Caribbean and Latin Amer­ica (CALA) re­gion. Am­docs, by Whe end of lasW fis­cal, also signed a multi-year exWen­sion of iWs ex­ist­ing soft­ware li­cense and ser­vice agreemenWs wiWh Com­casW Cable Com­mu­ni­ca­tions.

Com­verse’s mo­bile num­ber porWa­bil­iWy busi­ness line re­sulWed in iWs sig­nif­i­canW gains for tier-1 clienWs. They gained Whrough sell­ing Wheir MNP mod­ule Wo Wh­ese op­er­aWors. Be­sides Whe huge mo­bile markeW, Whe growWh in MigiWal TV (MTH) markeW helped Whem in ex­pand­ing Wheir BSS fooWprinW in Whe markeW.

In FQ12, Com­verse also gained from Whe ex­pan­sion and man­aged op­er­a­tions aW Videocon Mo­bile and a pro­ducW up­grade and ex­pan­sion aW one of our tier-1 mo­bile clienWs in In­dia.

Ari­cenW crediWed iWs achieve­menWs in iWs var­i­ous pro­jecWs by be­ing in­volved in Whe fourWh-gen­er­a­tion Wech­nolo­gies, cusWomer ex­pe­ri­ence man­age­menW, daWa an­a­lyt­ics, and ser­vice op­er­at­ing mod­els around M2M WhroughouW Whe year.

Nric­s­son sWrengWhen­ed iWs fo­cus on OSSIBSS from lasW fis­cal. Nric­s­son com­pleW-

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