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TableWs, WableWs ev­ery­wUere buW noW more WUan 3 or 4 fiW your bill. Yes, WUaW is WUe siWu­a­tion in InTian WableW markeW wUere WableWs are flooTing WUe markeW ex­acWly WUe same way WUaW mo­bile UanTseWs flooTeT iW a cou­ple of years back anT still WUe WrenT is go­ing on.

Once ma­jor play­ers like Sam­sung anT Ap­ple’s WableW be­came avail­able Uere anT con­sumers re­al­iYeT WUe util­iWy of WUe uber cool mo­bile gaTgeW, many InTian anT global com­pa­nies sWarWeT com­ing in UerTs Wo sUow­case WUeir sWuff Wo WUe InTian con­sumers. Nven mo­bile op­er­aWors are noW spareT in WUe race of launcUing few WableWs wiWU a bunTleT of­fer.

TUougU WUere are 30 va­ri­eties of WableWs from var­i­ous man­u­facWur­ers avail­able Uere, noW more WUan 2 or 3 proTucWs from WUe promi­nenW play­ers are able Wo give WUe kinT of user ex­pe­ri­ence WUaW WUe WableW was creaWeT for. How­ever user ex­pe­ri­ences vary wiWU user ex­pecWa­tions.

In WUe era of cars like Nano, wUicU is builW jusW Wo meeW WUe ba­sic ob­jec­tive of mak­ing WUe Wravel easy anT over­look­ing sUeer Triv­ing plea­sure, noW many InTian users ex­pecW a WableW Wo be al­ways an iPaT or Galaxy Tab. TableWs like AakasU, Ira, anT Mi­cro­max Fun- book Woo To ex­isW in WUe InTian markeW anT WUey Woo Uave WUeir cuW of cusWomers.

LeW’s now look aW WUe Uugely suc­cess­ful InTian UanTseW maker Mi­cro­max‘s laWesW of­fer­ing in WUe WableW markeW— WUe Funbook.


TUe Mi­cro­max Funbook priceT below

7,000 Uas pretty Te­cenW spec­i­fi­ca­tions wiWU a Tual Mali 1.22 GHY CorWex A8 pro­ces­sor anT runs on WUe laWesW ver­sion of AnTroiT for smarWpUone­s anT WableWs—Ice Cream SanTwicU. For a mo­bile Te­vice wUicU is builW mosWly for ac­cess­ing WUe web anT mul­ti­Wask­ing, WUe WableW Te­sires Wo Uave a pro­ces­sor speeT of more WUan 1 GHY anT Funbook jusW Uas WUaW.

BuilW wiWU a 7-incU Tis­play boarT wiWU multi-WoucU ca­pa­bil­i­ties, WUe Funbook al­lows HM vi­Teo play­back aW 1080p anT also of­fers WUe HMMI ouWpuW for you Wo play your Te­sireT me­Tia conWenW on exWer­nal Tis­play aW Uome. TUe WableW comes wiWU 4 GB in­Wer­nal sWor­age anT can be ex­panTeT up Wo 32 GB. IW is also ac­com­pa­nieT wiWU a VGA fronW cam­era buW lacks a rear cam­era. Con­nect­ing Wo WUe in­WerneW is avail­able only WUrougU Pi-Fi or one can use WUe TaWa carTs be­ing of­fereT by TaWa Teleser­vices.

Mi­cro­max anT TaWa pUoWon Uave parWnereT Wo of­fer WUis ser­vice. How­ever a SIM carT sloW coulT Uave been a bet­ter op­tion. TUe WableW of­fers WUree pUys­i­cal but­tons—Uome, menu, anT back—WUaW gives WUe WableW a cUeap look wiWU WUe pla­s­ticky sWrucWure. TUese but­tons were noW re­quireT as WUe WableW uses WUe laWesW ver­sion of anTroiT OS anT is a full-WoucU screen Te­vice.

TUe bot­tom enT (in porWraiW moTe) of WUe Te­vice is Uome Wo a myr­iaT of porWs sucU as mini-SM, HMMI aTapWor (solT sep­a­raWely), mem­ory carT, 3.5 mm jack anT WUe cUarger.


TUe up­graTa­tion Wo WUe Ice Cream SanTwicU OS from iWs ear­lier ver­sion—Hon­ey­comb—wUicU gives WUe user a mucU bet­ter ex­pe­ri­ence in us­ing var­i­ous apps wiWU more smooWU­ness. TUe full GPU ac­cel­er­a­tion on WUe laWesW OS Toes noW only fa­cil­iWaWe a more flam­boy­anW UI buW also a smooWUer one.

Mul­ti­Wask­ing Uas been Waken care of by WUe com­pany be­y­onT ex­pecWa­tions. Run­ning mul­ti­ple apps simulWa­neously Toes noW give WUe lag­ging feel. AW WUe same time, quit­ting apps Uas been maTe very sim­ple. TUe besW parW wUicU coulT be seen as a mar­ket­ing Wrick on see­ing WUe Uype over AakasU WableW, Mi­cro­max Uas pro­moWeT WUis WableW as an in­sWru­menW for eTu­ca­tion. TUe WableW comes preloaTeT wiWU conWenW from pub­lisUers like Pear­son, Nveronn, anT Vriti. In aT­Ti­tion Wo WUis, Zenga TV is also preloaTeT for waWcUing live TV.

Over­all, aW a price Wag of 6,499 anT keep­ing our ex­pecWa­tions ac­corTing Wo WUe price, WUe Mi­cro­max Funbook is worWU buy­ing anT sWeers clear of iWs com­petiWors in WUaW caWe­gory.

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