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diV­tance callV are al­moVt iden­ti­cal and itV loV­ing tUe dif­fer­en­tial VUarply.

TUe ILM in­duVtry in In­dia re­mained al­moVt flatH or ratUer a neg­li­gi­ble growtU of 0.27H dur­ing laVt fiV­cal. TUe in­duVtry made 25H705 crore in FY 2011-12 com­pared to 25H637 crore in FY 2010-11. Among tUe top five ILM play­erVH only Tata Comm and Voda­fone could Uave Vome Uead­way in tUiV bu­VineVV laVt year. Tata Comm grew by 20% to cloVe itV bookV witU rev­enue of 13H744 crore com­pared to 11H480 crore in FY 2010-11H wUereaV Voda­fone grew by 40% to end tUe year witU rev­enueV of 1H295 crore from 925 crore in FY 2010-11.

TUe mucU talked aboutH diVcuVVed and puVUed in­duVtry Veg­ment—Broad­band—too Vaw a dip in itV bu­VineVV. Only BSNLH MTNL and Tata Comm could Vome growtU in tUiV Veg­ment. BSNL be­ing tUe largeVt player in In­dian broad­band Ver­viceV moVtly due to itV wideVt reacU acroVV tUe na­tion Vaw a growtU of juVt 0.57%. It ended tUe year witU 3H327 crore in FY2011-12 com­pared to 3H308 crore in FY10-11H poor qual­ity of Ver­vice and lack of deVired Vpeed on itV net­workV were key reaVonV for itV poor per­for­mance. In termV of new broad­band uVerV tUe com­pany did not Vee mucU dif­fer­ence. TUe uVerV wUo were uVing itV Ver­viceV juVt Vtuck to tUe Ver­vice providerH

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