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36 1. OnMo­bile Stand­ing Tall

MeVpiWe Vome re­cenW op­er­a­tional conWroverV­ieV, counWry’V firVW liVWeT VAS com­pany go­ing greaW gunV

38 2. IMI­mo­bile Smart Moves

WiWh a haVVle-free jour­ney in TomeVtic anT in­Wer­na­tional op­er­a­tionV, Whe com­pany iV quickly climb­ing Whe Vuc­ceVV laT­Ter

40 3. Com­viva Rid­ing High on M-com­merce

Com­viva VhowV robuVW growWh of 22% in FY12 anT iV look­ing aW TaWa-cenWric Vo­lu­tionV for Whe nexW fiV­cal

41 4. Spice Dig­i­tal En­rich­ing Dig­i­tal Life

Spice MigiWal pri­mar­ily of­ferV proTucW in­no­va­tion anT man­age­menW, mo­bile mar­ket­ing anT Vo­cial neW­work­ing, anT com­mu­niWy Ver­viceV

42 5. Hungama King of En­ter­tain­ment

In­no­va­tive proTucWV on voice, TaWa, anT 3G, boWh na­tional aV well aV in­Wer­na­tional, helpeT Whe com­pany move for­warT

43 6. One97 Shift­ing Gears

The 11-year olT firm iV mov­ing WowarTV be­ing a mo­bile inWerneW me­Tia com­pany from Whe WraTi­tional VAS firm

44 7. Value­first En­cash­ing on Dig­i­tal!

Cur­renWly aW abouW `120 crore, Value­firVW aimV Wo reach a Wurnover of arounT `250 crore in FY13

45 8. Can­vasM All-rounder

Can­vaVM iV VeW Wo Wap lo­ca­tion baVeT Ver­viceV markeW in InTia

46 9. Al­tru­ist Tech­nolo­gies Risk Reaped Re­wards

An eVWabliVhe­T VAS En­abler, AlWruiVW iV leapfrog­ging wiWh an ag­greVVive in­or­ganic VWraW­egy

48 10. ACL Mo­bile Re­born for Ac­tion

ACL WireleVV, now re-chriVWeneT ACL Mo­bile, which VWarWeT wiWh an ini­tial in­veVW­menW of

75 lakh, haV come a long way in Whe MVAS in­TuVWry


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