Fac­ing the Re­al­ity

Ac­cep­tance of BYOD and ad­di­tion of more and more new mo­bile de­vices to the net­work is a re­al­ity. There is no op­tion for CIOS than to be on their toes to se­cure the net­work


The world is like that. There are chal­lenges and you have to face it. No way can you es­cape. And if you try to es­cape, chal­lenges would out­run you and even­tu­ally cease your mo­tion. That is the re­al­ity. And this re­al­ity holds good for en­ter­prises too.

With en­ter­prises ex­pand­ing their am­bit in or­der to of­fer more and more ser­vices to their cus­tomers, they are be­ing com­pelled to ex­pand their net­work ca­pa­bil­i­ties and are tak­ing ev­ery step to ful­fil the cus­tomer’s needs. And in the chase of cater­ing to the needs of cus­tomers, en­ter­prises have no other op­tions than to em­power their pro­cesses in­clud­ing the work­force.

This em­pow­er­ment, be­sides oth­ers, in­volves grant­ing use of all kind of mo­bil­ity de­vices by the em­ploy­ees in the net­work. With de­liv­er­ing ser­vices any­time, any­where be­com­ing the norm in the cor­po­rate world, en­ter­prises are tak­ing the bet and al­low­ing their work­force to use their mo­bil­ity de­vices be­yond the of­fice premises, be­yond the of­fice hours. This ex­poses en­ter­prises to se­cu­rity is- sues in mul­ti­plic­ity and with dif­fer­ent mag­ni­tudes.

The Chang­ing Dy­nam­ics

Over the years, the dy­nam­ics of an en­ter­prise net­work have changed phe­nom­e­nally. Ear­lier the net­work con­sisted of ‘phys­i­cal and in-premise’ com­po­nents. The ac­cess de­vices used to be soli­tary desk­tops and ser­vices were ac­cessed over phys­i­cal ca­bled broad­band net­works.

Over the years it has changed to mo­bil­ity de­vices like lap­tops, tablets, and smart­phones, and the ser­vices are be­ing

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