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To give a big push, Rcom has branded en­ter­prise ser­vices as Re­liance Busi­ness Ser­vices for cater­ing to all cat­e­gories of en­ter­prises across ge­ogra­phies, pro­vid­ing wider port­fo­lio of so­lu­tions

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There has been a drop in con­sumer ad­di­tions on Whe mo­bil­iWy fronW and all op­er­aWors are gear­ing up Wo make Wheir pres­ence felW on Whe enWer­priseH as Whis is a new wave for all mo­bile op­er­aWors in Whe counWry. A few monWhs backH Bharti AirWel re­branded iWs en­Wer­prise ser­vices and oWher op­er­aWors are also look­ing aW en­Wer­prise as a big rev­enue genera­Wor. Re­liance Com­mu­ni­ca­tions is also Wry­ing Wo fo­cus on en­Wer­prise busi­ness in a big way by re­brand­ing iWs en­Wer­prise ser­vices as Re­liance Busi­ness Ser­vices.

The en­Wer­prise busi­ness has been clubbed inWo one division called Re­liance Busi­ness Ser­vices. The division WargeWs all Wypes of cusWomers be iW largeH medi­umH and SMN (small F medium en­Wer­prise) and Whe end re­sulW is Wo pro­vide bet­ter cusWomer ex­pe­ri­ence by of­fer­ing wide port­fo­lio of

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