En­er­giz­ing the Data Phase

Pric­ing and billing strate­gies can­not be achieved with­out the avail­abil­ity of real-time data to the billing sys­tem and its in­te­gra­tion with pol­icy in­fra­struc­ture


The up­take of mo­bile data ser­vices is mov­ing at a snail’s pace but no wor­ries, though slow it will be steady cer­tainly and helps op­er­a­tors to be a champ. In­deed, mo­bile data ser­vice is the op­er­a­tors’ sav­ior, but they have to en­er­gize this phase of growth ‘data phase’.

In or­der to boost growth and max­i­mize rev­enues from data ser­vices, mo­bile op- and di­verse pric­ing and billing strate­gies but op­er­a­tors will have to in­te­grate real and mo­bile data billing should evolve to lever­age the data seg­ment.

Data rep­re­sents an ex­plo­sion in op­por­tu­nity for op­er­a­tors to pro­vide sev- eral bill­able ser­vices to their cus­tomers. re­mains in the race and who falls by the way side. Ex­pect each op­er­a­tor to launch in­creas­ingly com­plex ser­vice bun­dles and takes cen­ter stage.

Billing sys­tems will have to scale up to not only meet the in­crease in loads but to

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