Threats Every­where

With cloud and so­cial me­dia adding new di­men­sions to mo­bil­ity, end­point se­cu­rity has a whole new—and com­plex—mean­ing


There has been an in­cred­i­ble shift in the way “se­cu­rity” was de­fined within or­ga­ni­za­tions. En­ter­prises are re­al­iz­ing that ad­vanced se­cu­rity is no longer an op­tion but a crit­i­cal need. In 2015, most of the big­ger or­ga­ni­za­tions largely fo­cused on risk-based se­cu­rity im­ple­men­ta­tions. For smaller or­ga­ni­za­tions, it was time to beef up their se­cu­rity in­fra­struc­tures.

The fast paced in­ter­net ac­cess tech­nolo­gies such as 4G LTE, 3G and car­rier Wi-Fi have made en­ter­prises more vul­ner­a­ble in terms of ex­ter­nal ex­po­sure and cus­tomer con­trol. There has been a tremen­dous in­crease in the us­age of so­cial me­dia, blog­ging and cloud stor­age. While all th­ese new plat­forms of­fer busi­nesses many ad­van­tages, it also makes things more chal­leng­ing from an in­for­ma­tion se­cu­rity stand­point.

This has also led to the change in the buy­ing pat­terns of se­cu­rity so­lu­tions among en­ter­prises and CIOs. No longer do they be­lieve that the legacy net­work fire­walls, pro­to­cols, fil­ters and web track­ers are suf­fi­cient to pro­tect the net­works of the com­pany.

As per Gart­ner, en­ter­prise se­cu­rity buy­ers in In­dia and else­where are re­al­iz­ing that they need to put more em­pha­sis and spend­ing on ap­pli­ca­tion se­cu­rity, se­cu­rity mon­i­tor­ing, se­cu­rity pol­icy and pro­gram de­vel­op­ment, and gov­er­nance, risk and com­pli­ance (GRC) to com­bat the grow­ing threats.

It fur­ther states that risk and se­cu­rity lead­ers’ abil­ity to steer their or­ga­ni­za­tions through the in­ter­sec­tion of dig­i­tal busi­ness and in­creas­ing IT risk and cy­ber se­cu­rity threats will cre­ate re­silience, dif­fer­en­ti­ate their or­ga­ni­za­tions, de­fine their lega­cies and shape the ways that fu­ture en­ter­prises ap­ply tech­nol­ogy.

Tech­nol­ogy Trends

With the in­creas­ing num­ber of peo­ple ac­cess­ing data on the go due to mass us­age of smart­phones, the risk of data breach and data theft has grown in­nu­mer­able times.

Ac­cord­ing to Cisco, smart mo­bile de­vices and con­nec­tions are pro­jected to rep­re­sent 72 per­cent of to­tal mo­bile de­vices and con­nec­tions by 2020 — up from 36 per­cent in 2015. Smart de­vices are fore­casted to gen­er­ate 98 per­cent of mo­bile data traf­fic by 2020.

There has been a grow­ing trend where en­ter­prise users are mov­ing to mo­bile phones to share data and ac­cess com­pany net­works due to the mo­bil­ity fac­tor. How­ever, the risks as­so­ci­ated with smart­phone us­age are much big­ger than what ap­pears to be. Any smart phone with a high-speed con­nec­tion can be af­fected by Blue­tooth or MMS viruses, as well as ma­li­cious soft­ware through email, instant mes­sag­ing W-Fi and in­ter­net down­loads.

More­over, with the grow­ing us­age of wear­able tech­nolo­gies at the work­place, the de­mand for var­i­ous mo­bile apps for both of­fice and home is also set to in­crease. This will fur­ther com­pound an al­ready com­plex sce­nario.

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