Mo­bile is More Main­stream Now

Wire­line con­tin­ues to form the back­bone of in­ter­net ac­cess for en­ter­prises, but all-IP LTE net­works make mo­bile a more promis­ing op­tion than ever be­fore


The world has moved a long way from the Stone Age to Dig­i­tal Age and so has com­mu­ni­ca­tion. Com­mu­ni­ca­tion chan­nels and plat­forms have be­come more in­tu­itive, seam­less and in­stan­ta­neous. By Septem­ber 2014, there al­ready were more than one bil­lion web­sites reg­is­tered glob­ally, and by 2015 the num­ber of e-mails sent and re­ceived per day had to­talled over 205 bil­lion. The num­ber of smart­phone users world­wide are ex­pected to ex­ceed two bil­lion in 2016, says eMar­keter Re­search.

Tech­nol­ogy Trends

In In­dia, the mo­bile ser­vice sub­scrip­tion base crossed the one-bil­lion mark by the close of 2015, of which more than 300 mil­lion sub­scribers were also mo­bile in­ter­net users, as per Tele­com Reg­u­la­tory Au­thor­ity of In­dia (TRAI) num­bers. In fact, it is with the grow­ing adop­tion of 3G and 4G ser­vices that In­dia’s broad­band sub­scriber base has fi­nally been able to see a rapid growth. As of Septem­ber 2015, there were 121 mil­lion broad­band sub­scribers in the country, of which around 104 mil­lion were mo­bile broad­band sub­scribers as against a mere 16 mil­lion wire­line broad­band sub­scribers. Also, there were 200 mil­lion other mo­bile in­ter­net sub­scribers as com­pared to just about 3.5 mil­lion wire­line in­ter­net sub­scribers.

The data is very much re­flec­tive of how mo­bile is en­abling in­ter­net and broad­band ac­cess in In­dia and the mas­sive po­ten­tial it holds, given the ex­ist­ing mo­bile sub­scriber base of one-bil­lion plus and the fact that the smart­phone ship­ments have long over­taken the fea­ture phone ship­ments in the country.

In the wire­line in­ter­net seg­ment, DSL con­tin­ues to hold the largest share of sub­scribers, at more than 80 per­cent. Other wire­line in­ter­net tech­nolo­gies in­clude dial-up, Eth­er­net, ca­ble modem, fiber and leased line. Wire­lines con­tinue to form the back­bone for in­ter­net ac­cess across en­ter­prises.

In the wire­less seg­ment, the GSMCDMA bat­tle has long been a thing of a by­gone era. With LTE hav­ing gained world­wide trac­tion and LTE Ad­vanced also rolled out by many ser­vice providers glob­ally, the mo­bile broad­band roadmap is well charted out for tel­cos in In­dia as

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