Yuk­tix Wi Fi so­lu­tions for mi­cro­cli­mate in­tel­li­gence

Founded by IIT-Kan­pur alumni Ra­jeev Jha, Yuk­tix has de­vel­oped sen­sor-based de­vices with ap­pli­ca­tions in crop mon­i­tor­ing, post har­vest mon­i­tor­ing, crop dis­ease pre­dic­tion, and green­house mon­i­tor­ing.

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With the ad­vent of In­ter­net of Things (IoT) and cloud tech­nol­ogy, tra­di­tional method of weather mon­i­tor­ing and fore­cast­ing is passé. Sen­sor-based smart so­lu­tions for en­vi­ron­ment sens­ing and mon­i­tor­ing, and smart in­fra­struc­ture are the new age sys­tem to be re­lied on. Yuk­tix Tech­nolo­gies, a Ben­galuru-based IoT and M2M start-up work­ing in re­mote mon­i­tor­ing and con­trol, de­vel­ops such in­dige­nous sens­ing so­lu­tions that pro­vide data across the agri­cul­tural value chain and weather.

Founded by IIT-Kan­pur alumni Ra­jeev Jha, Yuk­tix pioneers in Au­to­matic Weather Sta­tion that gives real time weather data on cloud and mo­bile. The com­pany has —Ra­jeev,

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